Broedell Kitchen & Bath Showrooms meets ALL your home’s need

Plumbing and customer service has been part of the Broedell family since 1925. The Broedell name sets the standard and the benchmark of quality in the industry.

Broedell Plumbing Supply, Inc. was created in 1970 when John F. Broedell branched out from his father’s plumbing and sprinkler supply business to start his own company. Using his industry knowledge and experience, the company has now expanded to five branches with a staff of more than 60 employees.

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Broedell’s commitment to outstanding customer service and fashionable product inventory is second to none. With our remarkably efficient service and delivery, Broedell Plumbing Supply, Inc. ensures that all your plumbing needs are met in a professional, competent, and timely manner. Most importantly, we are known for taking those crucial, extra steps necessary to create a trusted bond between us and our customers.

We are proud to say we offer more than 25,000 products including top-quality lines from manufacturers such as Kohler, A.O. Smith, Sterling, Moen, Fairmont, Jason, Victoria, Albert and Elkay. In our quest for customer satisfaction, we go the extra mile — doing things like last minute deliveries or adding products to the truck just before it leaves the yard. It is this attention to detail where we are unequaled!

Because we’ve been in the business for nearly a century, we’ve heard many of the same queries over the years. Here are three commonplace questions customers have been asking recently:

What are my options to update my shower without retiling the whole thing?

Answer: A picture is worth a million words!!! Bring in a picture to help us identify what can be done without changing your plumbing behind the wall. Sometimes your plumber can access your valve from the other side of the shower wall so you can update without replacing your tile. There are several options that we can retrofit that can give you an updated look and a better functioning shower. Kohler also makes shower panels that look like tile and even marble! You can install them over your existing shower tile as long the integrity of the tile has not been compromised.

My kitchen is old I would love a new look without spending a lot of money. Any suggestions?

An easy update would be to change your kitchen faucet. Gold and matte black finishes are really popular right now. You can also change out your cabinet hardware which can really change the look of your kitchen. Something else to consider is having your cabinets refaced or painted. Changing out your kitchen sink is next to impossible unless you are replacing your counters so changing your faucet and/or hardware are the best options when trying not to spend a lot of money.

What is a “comfort height” toilet?

Comfort height or chair height is a toilet that measures from the floor to the top of the bowl before the seat at least 16½ inches. Comfort height toilets comply with the American with Disabilities Act and are generally more comfortable. These toilets come in many different looks to match any décor.

We invite you to browse through our showrooms where you will be greeted by trained sales associates eager to assist you in all your plumbing needs.


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