Boosters for a bachelor’s pad

A bachelor’s pad, by definition, must be simple and low maintenance, but that doesn’t mean it should lack in style. It is, however, important to fix a theme for the space before you head out to spruce up your pad. Let your home showcase your passion and hobbies, whatever that may be – movies, sports, music, animals, et al. There are many small ways in which you can rustle up a creatively-charged environment.

De-clutter your home

The basic rule of creating a spacious environment is by going clutter-free. Stick to the things you really use and do away with all additional stuff. As a general market supply and cultural notion, studios have a constraint on its horizontal dimension and compromising on the spreads of a well-equipped home. A comparatively small condo doesn’t seem with a lot of hope to accommodate the style of living as in bungalows but you can certainly innovate with ideas to set the place up. Meenu Agarwal, principal designer at MADS Creations Living, says, “Living at bachelors’ pad certainly doesn’t mean to use the limited space as a monopoly and keep the same spot for work, entertainment, food and to crash. Spread your ideas and give every functional need a designated zone so that one does not end up eating dinner over the sink or in front of the TV. An accessory is a mandate to all well-designed spaces that feel great – think pendant lights with edgy geometric designs or soft furnishings, art selections (can be from a different era) for a complete décor. An open kitchen is a brilliant feature for a spacious look. Necessarily, for a single person, the storage can be just with all equipments in place and the open corner of the kitchen can accommodate a high counter with more storage and some checkered sleek bar stools make it a fancy breakfast counter. A well-designed dining space is a great spot to start and end the day. Some sleek yet inviting dining furniture makes the space for a wholesome experience. Except for the space for relaxing and sleep, have an informal lounge with low height 5-seater sectional sofa to unwind your day. Quirky fluffy ottomans are the extra chairs and can be arranged as a footstool for a lounging experience.”

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Highlight your personality

Even though a studio is a small space, it should speak about your personality and some of the essential items you can invest in are lounging chairs or a sofa, custom size bed with a sleek side table, ottomans, a dining table (minimum 4-seater), foot lamps and a coffee table. No matter what the size of your studio is, space-saving ideas are always welcome. According to Ashok Basoya, founder of Ottimo, “In most homes, clutter is a huge obstacle to achieve a pleasing aesthetic. And, one of the biggest causes of clutter is the lack of designated storage spaces. The space options can be created with closets under beds, beds over closets, bureaus under beds, hidden storage and study desks. An ideal way to achieve a clutter-free home while creating a sophisticated ambiance is using cabinets, bookcases, multi-storage units and entertainment units with multiple functions.” Demarcate spaces for various activities like living, dining, cooking, and sleeping. And then pick up furniture that you could fit into these spaces. Keeping the furniture off the floor helps create a sense of lightness and space. You can also use area rugs to demarcate spaces for various purposes like living, dining, etc so that space gets defined.


Visualise before investing

Once you have a vision of what you want, go ahead and plan the décor around that, recommends, Sachin Gupta, principal designer at Beyond Designs. He says, “You can hand-pick a few paraphernalia related to your taste, and keep the background neutral and palette simple. Smart furniture, eye-catching accessories, interesting artwork can be bought keeping your budget in mind. Lastly, lighting can be used to create moods. The light fixtures themselves can act as great design accessories. Flamboyant accessories like large candle stands, unusual coasters, broad-framed artworks, artifacts that tell a story can be added as well. Use colourful cushions that allow you to transform the look of your pad instantly with not much investment. If you can afford it, use bold and unusual wallpapers to acquire a feature wall of your choice. Area rugs also come in handy to add colour and pattern. Introducing a vintage piece of furniture is bound to generate interest. Window dressing is equally important but go for neutral or textural fabrics to keep it fuss-free. Spruce up the kitchen by acquiring basic tools and utensils. Colourful pots and pans, jars, and hand towels can create a vibrant kitchen.

Don’t shy away from using mirrors as part of your décor, by using exclusive shapes and frames you can score style points. Pay attention to the bathrooms. If you can’t change the tiles, use wallpapers to infuse your personality. Adding interesting mirrors, vanity, lights and potted plants leads to a refreshing look.”


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