All the Cutest Photos of Their 5 Children

Chip and Joanna Gaines are some of the internet’s favorite celebrity parents, and the photos of their kids are a social media sensation.

The Gaines may be off of TV after the end of Fixer Upper, but they are not out of the public spotlight. The home design gurus are Instagram famous, with Joanna holding over 9.5 million followers and Chip about 4.2 million. They are known for showing off incredible remodeling, rebuilding and redesigning projects, but along the way fans have fallen in love with the Gaines’ personalities as well, and that includes their kids.

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The Gaines have five children. The youngest, a baby boy named Crew, joined the family just six months ago. Many fans tune in just to see how the Gaines’ will manage a sprawling business enterprise as well as a small army of children.

Not only do they succeed — they excel. The Gaines are known for photogenic family moments, group DIY projects and other touching familial moments. Their kids are integral to their work and their branding, as the Gaines show how to build joyful and productive spaces for families.

That means that online, the Gaines show off their work in practice. Here are some of the cutest family moments from the Gaines and their children.

Slide 1 of 8Just outside the door
(Photo: Instagram @joannagaines)

Last year, fans were along for the ride as the Gaines family awaited its newest member. In June, Joanna posted this adorable shot of their older kids listening outside of the door at the hospital as Crew was born.

“One of my favorite pics a friend showed me after Crew was born,” she wrote. “They couldn’t wait to meet their new baby brother.”

Slide 2 of 8Birth of baby Crew
joanna gaines with new baby 4
(Photo: Twitter/Joanna Gaines)

Gaines looked remarkably composed in pictures taken from the hospital just after the birth of baby Crew. The home decor expert did not shy away from the camera, and the family gathered for a remarkable group portrait.

Slide 3 of 8Baby Crew sandwich
(Photo: Instagram / @joannagaines)

Chip Gaines and his son posed for this adorable shot with the newborn in his first few weeks at home. It might be posed to look sweet and tranquil, but on the other hand, it might simply be a candid moment of new dad getting some much-needed rest.

Slide 4 of 8Crew and His Siblings
(Photo: Instagram / @joannagaines)

Baby Crew came home to a lot of hands looking to hold him in those early days, and the Gaines probably had a hard time setting their cameras down.

(Photo: Instagram / @joannagaines)

There were many photogenic moments of the siblings getting to know their youngest brother.

Slide 5 of 8Christmas Time
(Photo: Instagram @joannagaines)

The Gaines’ own house shows off all of the passion for decorating they put into their projects. This shot of their own kitchen and family room at Christmas time is adorable, not least of all because of the happy children in the shot.

Slide 6 of 8Greenhouse
joanna gaines daughters gardening instagram
(Photo: Instagram/Joanna Gaines)

The Gaines home is on a farm in Waco, Texas, and they put it to good use. They encourage their kids to enjoy the outdoors, and clearly someone among them has a green thumb.

Slide 7 of 8In The Field
(Photo: Instagram / @joannagaines)

The outdoor lighting somehow makes the Gaines’ sprawling yard even more picturesque, and their kids seem to be making good use of it.

Slide 8 of 8Baby Crew and Santa
(Photo: Instagram / Joanna Gaines)

This year, Crew Gaines’ went through a rite of passage with his first official portrait with Santa Claus. The picture captured the hearts of the Gaines’ followers over the holidays.


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