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Sable cats. Pasty ghosts. Ebony crows. Bleached skeletons. Inky spiders. Colorless pumpkins. Charcoal candlesticks. Pale spiderwebs. The trend in Halloween decor is stripping out the bright candy corn colors of yellow and orange and replacing it with a more simplistic, elegant and super creepy black and white. Stark and full of contrast, this basic theme is perfect for sprucing up your decor indoors and out.

From bats to black cats to signs and spell books to pumpkins and potions, it is all about basic black and white. Incredible artistic, fun, spooky and even hilarious designs are perfect for decorating for your porch, mantel and even wall decor.

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Here are a few of my favorite ideas. For even more, visit our Halloween Decor board on Pinterest.

Porch perfection

Want to declare your love for Halloween from the instant someone walks up your drive? Decorate your porch in the spookily stark black and white theme. Try a large wooden sign announcing “Something wicked this way comes.” Add some white ghosts or silhouettes of witches peeking out behind a weathered tombstone. Or dress up a white skeleton with a dusty black top hat and cape.

Pumpkins are a great way to decorate your porch. Instead of orange, line your steps with beautiful white pumpkins, painting the stem a rich black. Or, take those pumpkins and paint them black and add white stripes or polka dots for an artistic flair. Mix up the patterns and sizes of the pumpkins and stack them atop a creepy, black plastic cauldron overflowing with slithering snakes.

Maniacal mantles

Mantles are perfect for adding some creepy fun to your interior Halloween decor. And with this black and white trend, anything vintage, Victorian, weathered, dusty and, of course, cobwebby make the ideal enhancement to your family room. Think black potion bottles, white skulls, black candelabras with white candles and black crows perched on black branches. Spectacularly spooky.

Wanting to add a hint of romance to your mantel display? Create a to-die-for floral bouquet. Take an old glass vase and glue on rubber snakes, spiders and centipedes. Paint the entire vase jet black. Once dry, fill the vase with perfect white silk roses. Gently spray the bouquet with a spray adhesive and attach a variety of black spiders, even one hanging from a thin, fishing-line web. Add some webbing if desired.

Wicked walls

Go ahead and replace your family photos and other wall decor with a fun collection of Halloween artistry this month. Take down that traditional hall mirror and hang an ornate, silvery white frame with a skeleton protruding from it. Swap out that hoop wreath for a black painted vine wreath adorned with an ominous raven. Put the kids to work cutting out black bats to adhere to the wall and hang from the ceiling.

If you want to design a fun gallery wall, but don’t want to spend a ton of money on Halloween-themed artwork from your favorite home decor store, create your own, unique display by printing out a dozen or so of the black and white free printables available on Pinterest. Place those prints in Dollar Store black and white frames or clipboards. Mix and match sizes for a more custom look.

— Jennifer Durrant


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