Couple build business for the country folk others forgot

BUCK Liddle and Rochelle Van Iersel quit their jobs and moved to Swan Creek in the hope of launching their new business.

Inspired by a trip to Texas, the couple wanted to provide beautiful interiors for the homes of country folk.

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The online interior store is overflowing with rustic home decor, furniture, artwork and cowgirl boutique clothing.

“We thought ‘Australia doesn’t have this kind of option for country people’,” Mr Liddle said.

“There’s Australia style, coastal, boho, The Hamptons and French.

“But no one has ever gone, ‘hey country people, you feed the rest of the country, here’s some stuff that you’d like’,” he said.

Prior to moving to the region, Buck was working at a farm in Beaudesert and Rochelle was working in health and safety.

The duo were in the middle of renovating a farm when Buck was involved in a major work accident that left him out of action for months.

“Our one year planned turned into three and a bit years after Buck was injured at work,” Mrs Van Iersel said.

“It was the same week we were about to get started on our major renovations on the house.”

After years of hard work, they finally finished their renovation project and decided it was a good time to drop everything and go after their dreams.

“We had a business meeting over a few Coronas one New Year’s Eve,” Mr Liddle said.

“We decided to quit our jobs and then bought a big patch of grass.”

“We were living out of a caravan in the heat of summer trying to figure out how to start all of this,” Miss Van Iersel said.

Although their dream to own a shop together was originally out of reach, a lot of hard work and determination are the key to their success.

“If it wasn’t difficult, someone else would have done it,” Mr Liddle said.

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