Brooklyn Decker revealed her home decor secrets and we love them all

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Brooklyn Decker has a confession to make that will appeal to all shopaholics (like us).

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“I’m a true consumer. I am guilty of violating the rules of sustainability. I consume,” said the actress, mom of two and co-founder of Finery, a wardrobe sorting system.

One thing she’s vocal about loving: gummy bears. It’s why she’s promoting Black Forest candy. “My taste has never evolved beyond the gummy. It’s my kryptonite. I have the taste of a 12-year-old,” said Decker.

Black Forest Gummy Bears, $17, Amazon

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She lets her oldest child, Hank, indulge as well.

“A couple of days of a week, he can have them. Everything in moderation,” said Decker.

On a different, albeit equally pleasing, note, anyone who follows the “Grace and Frankie” star on social media knows that she’s a monster (in the best sense) when it comes to home decor and renovation.

She knows how to make a room sing, and a house feel like your home. So we had to ask her for her best finds and hacks. And we found similar ones for you, on a budget.

Hint No. 1: Carolina Blue China

“I have Carolina blue china. I put all my gummies in there. The bowl looks elegant and inside it’s just sweet,” said Decker. After all, Decker is a Tar Heel.

Trestle Collection Small Bowl, $12, Amazon

The Original Butter Bell Crock by L. Tremain, $27, Amazon

Couronne Company Calypso Glass Jar with Bamboo Lid, $24, Amazon

Be creative with eating spaces

“I found a tool bench, and I use it as a dining buffet. I put out food when we have people over. It’s beautiful and beat up and it works in any space. It looks like a giant work table,” said Decker.

Gladiator Hardwood Workbench, $184, Amazon

Seville Classics Commercial NSF Stainless Steel Top Worktable, $142, Amazon

Take risks with wall art

“I found this wallpaper. There was a space above a couch that required something large. I found this old wallpaper and it’s by Zuber. It’s four panels of wallpaper on wood boards. It looks like a huge mural. That was a nice hack to fill a space,” said Decker.

York Floral Bouquet Wallpaper, $32, Amazon

Brewster Northwoods Lodge Bunyan Blue Mountain Cabin Border Wallpaper, $30, Amazon

Go antique

“For our dining room chairs, I got these antique chairs on Etsy. I sourced Bolivian blankets and reupholstered the chairs. It feels like Texas,” said Decker.

HomePop Parsons Upholstered Accent Dining Chair, Set of 2, Sienna Ikat, $141, Amazon

HomePop Parsons Classic Dining Chair, Set of 2, $160, Amazon

Get great sheets

“I have sheets I love. It’s from a brand called Hill House Home. You can embroider them to say whatever you want. Our sheets say ‘Let’s bone.’ They’re in our master bedroom. It makes us laugh every time,” said Decker.

Libaoge Bed Sheets Set, Donut Yellow Print, $108, Amazon

Family Decor Twin Duvet Cover Set with Zipper Closure, $120, Amazon


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