6 tips for a low-cost luxurious makeover, home decor ideas, luxurious lifestyle

If you are looking to turn your simple house into a chic and urban living space, experts have some tips for you.

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Niharika Saraf Kela, Design Lead – Arrivae, and Raghunandan Saraf, CEO and designer, Saraf Furniture, suggests tips on how to give your house a luxurious makeover at a low cost.

1) If your living room looks too dull even with the most stylish furniture, it’s time to make the switch to marble flooring. Add to the luxury by adding an exquisite marble fireplace mantel to your living room.

Make sure you match your furniture to your marble centerpiece by picking pure white or cream hued sofas, majestic candlesticks and a stylish coffee table. Also invest in a marble bathing area and kitchen counters to enhance every corner of your home.

2) When it comes to adding sophistication to a living room or your bedroom, there’s nothing quite like a bold ceiling to floor bookshelf complete with some fantastic reads and enhanced with stunning decor pieces.

If natural is more your style, you can place stylish vases with fresh flowers to enhance the look and feel of your bookshelf.

Once you have this massive bookshelf in place, it will be a breeze to design a luxury room around it.

Add to the classic appeal of the shelf by opting for an opulent chandelier and cream drapes in the same room.

3) When adding the bright quotient to your home, natural light works best. So, make sure you install French doors and stylish windows. Enhance your well-lit space with light fixtures that look nothing less than decor pieces themselves. Choose earthy copper floor lamps, urbane pendant lights or rustic brass chandeliers.

4) You can have a small entry-way table, preferably made of marble and use it to place a dazzling statement home decor piece or a sculpture on. You can accentuate this statement piece with some lamps around it, a focussed ceiling light that falls on it.

5) Curtains and drapes are one element that can totally make or break the luxury look of a house. Many of us tend to just put up convenient and cost-effective blinds that offer us privacy and respite from the light and heat outside.

However, if we tweak this one aspect, it can totally infuse magic into the space. If you want to give a truly opulent look to your home, elaborate pinch-pleated draperies are indispensable.

Use fabrics that complement the ambience of regality that you’re trying to create. These could include silks, satins and damasks.

6) How about adding a rustic element to your home with a solid wood clock or a metal-frame mirror? Crafted out of ‘sheesham’ wood in different shapes and sizes, these wood clocks make for a stylish statement as wall accents.


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