5 Best Gothic Home Decor Pieces (2018)

gothic home decor

Whether you like to read fantasy novels, have a fascination with the Victorian-era, or just love dark decor, adding gothic home decor to your living space is a dramatic way to shake things up. While the word “gothic” can make you think of black or horror-related decorations, there is actually a way to make gothic decor work for your home in a way that adds a cool mix of edge and elegance.

What exactly makes decor”gothic?” Darker colors such as black, grey, burgundy, and purple are definitely a good place to start. Anything that has intricate detailing such as scrolls or damask patterns, even skulls can add a dramatic touch to your space. While rooms with gothic decor may seem dark, there are plenty of cool gothic lighting options that add both ambiance and light to your space.

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What are the best gothic home decor pieces?

1. Original Gypsy Color Black Chandelier – $129

gothic home decor

Gypsy Color

Pros: Cons:
  • Dramatic gothic design
  • Easy to install
  • Good size for bedrooms and bathrooms
  • May be too small for larger rooms
  • Bulbs not included

Add instant drama to your space with this gothic style chandelier. With ornate black detailing and swooping beads and crystals, this chandelier is a definite eye catcher and will take your gothic home decor to the next level. The chandelier is easy to install as all you have to do is take it out of the box, unfold the arms, attach the beads and light bulbs, and it’s ready to hang. Measuring at 23 inches in diameter and 27 inches tall, the chandelier is a good size for bedrooms, bathrooms and smaller dining or living rooms. It could work in larger spaces as well, however it may not have as much dramatic appeal. If you are looking for that final piece to pull the look of your room together, this black chandelier is the way to go.

Buy the Original Gypsy Color Black Chandelier here.

2. NAVA Black Lace Curtain – $26.99

gothic home decor


Pros: Cons:
  • Damask pattern has a gothic vibe
  • Sheer curtain works on its own or as an overlay
  • Four different sizes to choose from
  • Machine washable
  • Package only has one window panel
  • Doesn’t provide a lot of privacy
  • Hang dry only

Another way to add gothic home decor into your living space is by hanging up new curtains. These curtains are cool as they are black lace with a damask pattern, so they provide an ethereal look while still having a little bit of an edge. They are sheer so they are not the best if you need privacy, however they look beautiful paired with a dark burgundy or purple. These curtains are also easy to maintain as they are machine washable, and they come in four different sizes.

Buy the NAVA Black Lace Curtain here.

3. Design Toscano Malbark Castle Floor Candelabra – $157.95

gothic home decor

Design Toscano

Pros: Cons:
  • Cool gothic details makes it a nice accent piece
  • Tall enough to function as a lamp
  • Candles not included
  • Not good for homes with pets/kids

Candelabras may be one of the most commonly thought of gothic home decor pieces, and for good reason. With multiple candle spots, a mix of arched scrolls and pointed spears, and dark metal finishes, candelabras are the perfect way to give your room the edge it needs to have a truly gothic feel. This floor candelabra takes things to a whole new level as it is actually more than five feet tall, so it can function as a floor lamp. The candelabra has two tiers which allows for lots of candle space, and each candle holder is large enough it could hold round or pillar shaped candles. Note – while the candelabra is sturdy, it’s probably best to not use this in a home with pets or kids in case it gets bumped. The open air candles provide great light and a romantic vibe that’s almost spooky – perfect for a gothic home.

Buy the Design Toscano Malbark Castle Floor Candelabra here.

4. Maples Rugs Wineberry Red Rug – $44.35

gothic home decor

Maples Rugs

Pros: Cons:
  • Purple-ish red color complements most gothic decor
  • Size is perfect for any room
  • Easy to vacuum
  • Made in the USA
  • Not very comfortable to sit on for long periods of time
  • Need a rug pad to keep it in place

If you’ve added plenty of gothic decor to your walls and ceiling, you need to add some drama beneath your feet, too. This edgy rug has a scrolled pattern in Wineberry Red – a deep purple with red undertones that will complement most gothic home decor. The rug is 5′ by 7′, which is an ideal size for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms…you name it. It is thin in texture which is great for keeping clean and placing under furniture, however it’s not the best if you plan on sitting on it for long periods of time.

Buy the Maples Rugs Wineberry Red Rug here.

5. Alchemy Gothic Masque of the Black Rose Decorative Mirror – $35.89

gothic home decor

Alchemy Gothic

Pros: Cons:
  • Awesome gothic detailing in mirror frame
  • Size is great for most tables and shelves
  • Dark coloring matches most gothic decor
  • Skull at the top may be a little much for some people’s taste
  • Slightly expensive for a table mirror

If you’re hoping to start small with your gothic home decor (or you just need one final piece to complete your collection), a table mirror is a good way to go. Measuring at just over nine inches tall, this mirror is perfect for side tables, wall shelves, desks, or even entertainment centers. The mirror is framed with unique scrolling and detail work, and is topped with a small skull.

Buy the Alchemy Gothic Masque of the Black Decorative Mirror here.

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