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Home Garden Home decor trends for 2019

Home decor trends for 2019


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Don’t look now but the decade with no name is nearly over.

With 2019 at our doorstep, it’s an interesting time in the world. In fact, interesting may be an understatement. Divisive politics seem to have become the norm — made even uglier by social media — but we survived a gubernatorial election this fall along with midterms. And we’re still here. So that’s something.

But it makes sense why we’re craving a sense of peace and solace at home. We need a place to get away from the craziness.

That doesn’t mean we want our homes to be boring though. We want them to be anything but. In fact, Birmingham interior designer Corey Damen Jenkins believes the minimalism trend that has been popular for awhile now will actually swing the other way in 2019.  

“I believe the old-school thinking of ‘more is more’ will regain prominence in interior 
decoration,” said Jenkins in an email. “Bullion fringe, tassels and tie-backs are nothing new, but we kinda got away from them for awhile in favor of ‘cleaner’ aesthetics.  But many clients are asking for more luxe trimmings again, so I predict the pendulum will swing.”

And could gray finally be on its way out? Some designers — including Jenkins — say yes.  Expect darker, moody hues to be in. Behr named Blueprint, a dark blue hue, its Color of the Year for 2019 and Sherwin-Williams named an earthy orange, Cavern-Clay, its “it” color.

And black is definitely back in 2019. Interior designer Terry Ellis of Room Service Interior Design in Troy especially loves black and white tuxedo kitchens. 

“Love this with gold faucetry and gold light fixtures,” said Ellis. “It’s basic colors with a good shelf life.”

So as we all stare down the new year, don’t be afraid to take some chance in your home design-wise in 2019. You might just surprise yourself. Happy New Year!


Mixed metallics

Dark, moody paint colors

Mixed kitchen materials

Metal kitchen islands

Furniture benches in the kitchen

Pantone’s Living Coral

Handcrafted goods

Wood bathroom vanities


Boho chic

Bold backsplashes

Timeless white

Statement ceilings

Art Deco

Integrated appliances

Curved sofas and sectionals

Outdoor living spaces

Sherwin-Williams’ Cavern Clay

Acrylic furniture

Dimensional, textured tile

Textured flooring

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Women’s World Cup 

Detroit’s Shinola Hotel

“Wonder Woman 2”

“Frozen 2”

Edge Computing

“Downton Abbey,” the movie


Monotone metals

Gray everywhere

Matchy kitchens

Formica kitchen islands

Chevrons and Ikat patterns

Pantone’s Ultra Violet

Mass-produced goods

Accent walls



Unused outdoor areas


Nondescript ceilings

Fiber art

Stand alone appliances

Large scale furniture

Sherwin-Williams’ Oceanside

Lacquered furniture

One-dimensional flooring

Gov. Rick Snyder

Men’s World Cup

Detroit’s Hard Rock Cafe

“Wonder Woman”


Cloud Computing

“Downton Abbey,” the TV show

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