Grow your own mini-herb garden for less than $70

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It can be hard to eat healthily: beyond just understanding the right balance of whole foods and nutrients you need to consume, it’s hard to trust where some of those foods come from. If you want to truly trust the source of what you’re eating, then you should look towards growing your own veggies and fruits — but since it can be difficult to find the time (or physical space) to grow your own garden. Luckily, this EcoQube Frame + Seed Packs has you covered: it doubles as both decoration and a source for your choice of homegrown vegetables and herbs.

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Made out of sturdy, sustainable bamboo and food-safe acrylic, the bottom of the structure is covered with eco-friendly seed pads that provide the perfect growing conditions for the seeds of your choice, without you needing to worry about mold. The 100% compostable fibers give the seeds just enough water to ensure a sizable harvest every time, so you can successfully grow your own food.

The system automatically waters itself, without you needing to mess around with any additional maintenance or lighting. If you’re growing sprouts or microgreens, those are ready in as little as 5-7 days, so you can start fluffing up your salads and garnishing your sandwiches in just a week. The kit comes with the EcoQube Frame, eight seed pads, one non-GMO broccoli microgreen seed pack, one non-GMO kale microgreen seed pack and a seed loader squirt bottle — all you need to do to get started is add water, insert the seed pads and get ready to enjoy your harvest.

Usually $79.99, you can get the EcoQube Frame + Seed Packs for $66.99 from — that’s $13 off the original price.

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