Yellow Colour Furniture Is A Big Home Decor Trend Right Now

Whether it’s down to this summer’s current heatwave or the sunshine shades seen on famous fashionistas, the colour yellow is big news right now.

From Amal Clooney’s honey yellow Stella McCartney dress at the royal wedding, to Meghan Markle’s bright yellow Brandon Maxwell sheath dress at the Your Commonwealth’ Youth Challenge Reception and Kate Middleton’s Dolce & Gabbana yellow dress at Wimbledon, recent high profile fashion outings has no doubt fuelled the craze for canary colours.

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Amal Clooney, Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton – public outings in yellow dresses

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As the colour of happiness and sunlight, yellow always brings a feeling of optimism and is the best colour to lift the spirits.

But of course, yellow isn’t a colour just confined to fashion. It has long been used in the home for adding a much-needed pop of colour to interiors, and, for example, yellow and grey is a popular colour scheme to opt for when decorating.

But according to new sales data from furniture retailer Swoon, searches for yellow furniture has doubled in recent months. The company say that sales of yellow velvets have soared through June and July, with orders of the standout Munich Sofa in Honey up 50 per cent. With yellow an already popular colour and velvet being one of the biggest trending materials of the year, we’re not too surprised.

Munich three-seater Sofa, Honey, £1,299, Swoon


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And if you needed more proof that home lovers are opting for statement sunshine shades, Swoon reveal over one third of custom made furniture orders feature the Honey and Biscuit velvet colourway.

With ‘gen-z yellow’ seemingly replacing ‘millennial pink’, it looks like this vibrant statement shade – and all its various hues – is here to stay.

Fitz Cocktail Chair in Honey, £349, Swoon


Need some inspiration? Victoria Harrison, editor of home renovation and design platform, shares five ways to decorate with yellow in your home…

1) Pair with grey

A small touch of lemon goes a long way against a background of white and soft grey velvet, and is something we’ve seen explored by professionals on Houzz. This is a safe way to start experimenting with yellow, and it’s easy to swap a lampshade and cushions for another colour to change the look of the room with a minimum of effort and expense.

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2) Don’t forget the garden

Garden furniture isn’t often very colourful despite the fact that it’s only really used in sunny weather. Change all this and choose yellow chairs that will tempt you to eat outside at every opportunity.

3) Make temporary tweaks

If you’re unsure, there’s no need to make a permanent commitment to yellow. Adding cushion covers or a touch of yellow in a string of bunting is a great way to use a fresh colour in your interior design. We’ve seen this approach from many Houzz users that love a brightly coloured design.


Joanna Henderson

4) Work a single statement

A single piece in bright, daffodil yellow is sometimes all a room needs. The bold use of colour can cleverly update a run-of-the-mill piece of furniture into something fabulous.

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5) Team with sophisticated finishes

Yellow isn’t just a fun, flirty colour best kept for the crayon box – it can add a real dose of high-end sophistication, too. Dark wood furniture might be too sombre on its own, but flashes of golden yellow can lift a room into a thoroughly modern design.


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