Utica Furniture 101: Should You Bring Or Buy New Pieces When Moving?

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After the fun and thrill of buying a new place comes the dilemma on what to do with your furniture. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to deciding whether to bring or toss them away. There are just some furniture that is best kept and others replaced. It is a personal choice with a consideration of its advantages and disadvantages.

Here are its Pros and Cons:

Buying New Pieces


● You can quickly match the tone of your new house. You have the opportunity to choose items with the right color, size, or form that addresses the different needs of your new house.

● New furniture is more comfortable. For instance, a new sofa gives you that bouncy and fluffy feel compared to the old one.


● It can be more expensive. Although, a discount is possible if you are buying in large or if you are up for seasonal sale discounts.

● A significant amount of time will be spent in redesigning your interior. Not to mention the effort you need in locating where to purchase good quality items.

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Bringing Old Pieces


● The comfort brought about by being surrounded by familiar belongings. It is like bringing your home with you.

● Takes away the need to discover new styles. This is convenient if you haven’t checked the materials in the area. It can take a while in getting used to the new textures and forms available.


● The tedious process of packing and unpacking, monitoring the transit until it gets shipped. If you’re lucky, the shipment can run smoothly without any delay.

● Paperworks. Moving is overwhelming enough for you to deal with tons of paperwork.

● Existing furniture might not suit the current layout of the new house.

● The risk of damage. You would want to avoid that to happen especially if you are shipping your family’s heirloom that’s been yours for generations.

● If you’re moving cross-country, voltage and plug points may also differ.

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Moving furniture can be as expensive as buying new ones. After weighing the pros and cons, here are the other factors you want to look into:

Practical Value

If you wish to keep existing pieces that still delivers style and comfort, make sure that it has a great overall condition. Check its durability and functionality. You do not want to spend so much in shipping an item only for it to be replaced in a short span of time.

Sentimental Value

The emotional attachment to your furniture is the most significant factor in your decision-making. If it holds a huge value, study how much it is going to cost and the work you need to put into for that item to arrive unscathed.

Monetary Value

If you have antiques or a collector’s item, it is best to have a professional evaluation about its actual cost. Determine if it’s worth to spend much on its insurance and risk of damage. If it doesn’t hold any sentimental value, it may be best to sell it and use the money in buying a new set.

Possible Damage

Items that need to be disassembled, too heavy or too large and or fragile are best to be left behind or be put on sale. The shipping, especially to a different country, might not be safe for the items to survive.

Shipping Cost

Seemingly more often than not, the cost has the final say whether you’ll move your items or not. You can visit this site for your shipping needs. From professional movers to getting an estimate, packing tips and insurance.

Distance of your new place

For movers moving locally, bringing items from your old house to your new one is considerably inexpensive. The cost of shipping is determined by the distance and weight of the items.

Complexity of item packaging

An item that needs to be disassembled requires specialized service. It will demand additional packing materials for safety measure. The more complex the item is, the more expensive it will be.

Whether you decide to keep some or most of your furniture, avoid making the mistake of impulsively buying new ones. Your excitement, being at its peak, may fuel your shopping spree and end up having piles of unnecessary items that don’t go along well with the rest. Take your time knowing your new house, its traffic patterns and gathering place.


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