Steinhafels: Keeping the cozy after Christmas

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This post-holiday period in January is a great time to gauge personalities. There are the over-achievers – those who take down all of their Christmas decor by January 2 – and on the other end of the spectrum are the procrastinators, who wait until the next holiday to transition the home decor. Finally, we have the “in-betweeners,” who want to take down the decor but are still clinging to the joy and magic of the holiday as we head into the dark days of January, February and March.

Why can’t we have it both ways – the cozy holiday feel in the home, without the wreaths, trees, tinsel, stockings, etc.?

Turns out we can take out the Christmas, but still keep the cozy! Steinhafels Furniture has some helpful tips and affordable items to help you do so.

Katie Van Linn is our Lead Store Designer in Appleton. She took the time to handpick some items that are perfect for sprucing up the home, and keeping things bright and fresh now that the holidays are over. She says, “Once you’re done stripping those red and green colors from Christmas, you still want to keep your home warm and cozy for the remainder of winter. Bringing in some really comfy throws, some LED candles to warm up the space … really makes it warm and cozy this time of year.”

For example, the LED flameless candles are a huge seller! You get all the beauty of a flickering flame, without the worry of dripping wax or fire hazards. These candles even include a remote for easy operation. You can place them right on a table or mantel, or inside a lantern for a more sophisticated look. They truly are a game changer as we head into these long months of true winter in Wisco.

Another popular item: greenery. The Christmas trees and wreaths are coming down, but you can still go green! Katie explains, “We’re seeing more and more the little greenery you can put around your home. What’s really popular now are succulents, so we have a lot of options in our stores. We have smaller single ones, all the way to wall art!”

Many of us are already dreaming of spring and summer, so these items give us that pop of color to tide us over after the tree comes down.

Katie has a few other simple tips to help you nestle into your new year: layer monochromatic colors, mix metals and woods, and incorporate textured pillows and chunky throws into your interior design.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to being comfortable in your home. These tips and items give you a range of ideas to help create a cozy abode. After all, whether you love or despise snow and all that comes with it, I think most of us can agree that a cozy home is a happy home!

Check out Katie on a recent episode of “Living With Amy” on WLUK-TV in Green Bay:

And check out our Steinhafels Furniture Decorating Solutions Interior Design Program online if you’d like to learn more about hiring a designer to help you redesign or freshen up a space in your home to start the new year off right!


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