Pampas Grass Decorating Ideas for Your Indoor Garden and Tabletop Styling

Move over, monstera leaves and succulents! Pampas grass is having a *major* moment. We’ve been seeing this trend showcased to perfection in Mandy Moore’s wedding, showcased in our favorite boutiques, and all over our IG feeds. It turns out that this inexpensive accent is a fail-proof decor move because it’s pretty simple to style and, unlike other plants, it doesn’t require any kind of upkeep. Scroll on for some ideas on how to make the pampas grass trend work in your home.

1. Desktop Texture: Keep it minimal for your workspace and pair neutral photo frames and a feathery accent.

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2. Elevate a Color Palette: Try this dried grass in a darker shade to add depth to natural setup. And since you don’t have to worry about keeping it alive, it can be trimmed down to avoid towering over everything else.

3. Marry Decor Styles: Botanical accents are a simple way to mesh styles. Keep the grass long and display in a floor vessel for a low-maintenance, dramatic statement.

4. Switch Up Kitchen Shelving: If you don’t care for plants and soil in the kitchen, pampas is an easy solution. Show it off with your ceramics on the counter, or cut it down and stash it on a high shelf for some low-key embellishment.

5. Replace Bedside Blooms: Fresh flowers are *always* in style, but wilting blooms are the worst. Try this grass in an unexpected vase for some bedside texture that you won’t have to replace every week.

6. No-Waste Tablescape: Make your tabletop clean and minimal with a fuss-free arrangement that needs zero styling.

7. Make a Statement: Pair pampas with varying shades of grass or another dried flower for extra flair. And since this grass is relatively inexpensive, you can create a stunning piece without breaking the bank.

8. Accent the Art: Extend your gallery wall to the tabletop with graceful stalks. Pro tip: Lightly spray them with hairspray for minimal shedding.

9. Create Height: Pampas always looks ah-maze with woven furniture. Use tall stalks on a side tabletop to keep the eye moving upward.

10. Mix up the Houseplant Rotation: Your indoor garden doesn’t need to stay with the green color palette. Skip the watering and include this grass with your other plants for a little variety.

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