Online homeware and furniture retailer reverse ‘unfair’ delivery surcharge to Renfrewshire residents

A popular online homeware and furniture retailer has announced that they will now offer free delivery to their customers in Renfrewshire after previously charging a surcharge.

In December, Renfrewshire News highlighted that charged an additional £25 – £40 to deliver to anyone with PA postcodes with the site listing Renfrewshire as an ‘extended delivery area’.

Only customers in Glasgow and Edinburgh received free delivery in Scotland. However, except for Northern Ireland, most of the UK mainland qualified for free delivery.


The charges were previously condemned by Renfrewshire Councillor Kenny MacLaren.

Moray SNP MSP Richard Lochhead targeted though his Fair Delivery Charges campaign and in the last few days Wayfair agreed that they would now offer free delivery to customers in Scotland and Northern Ireland for orders over £40 with a standard surcharge of £4.99 for all other items.

The Moray MSP contacted Wayfair last month, asking them to review to their delivery charges policy for customers in Scotland.

Martin Reiter, Head of Europe for told Renfrewshire News: “We are thrilled to announce that we have expanded our free UK delivery network to our customers in all of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“Over the past three years our European brand awareness and footprint has grown tremendously, allowing us to scale our fast and seamless delivery of furnishings and decor to offer a best in class shopping experience for home.

“Starting now we are pleased to offer free UK delivery on all orders over £40 – from a small parcel decor order to a large parcel furniture set – at no extra charge to our customers regardless of where they live.”

Kenny MacLaren, SNP Councillor for Paisley Northwest, said: “I welcome the u-turn by Wayfair and their plan to ditch their discriminatory delivery charges to Scottish customers, especially those of us in Renfrewshire who would see Wayfair delivery vans driving through the county to offer free deliveries to Glasgow customers!

“Richard Lochhead MSP has doggedly pursued companies like Wayfair to stop them ripping off Scottish customers and he should be congratulated for this.”

Commenting, Richard Lochhead MSP, said: “I am grateful to Wayfair for this positive move forward with regards to tackling absurd parcel delivery charges, which are hitting households and businesses across Scotland.

“I will be looking closely at this change of policy but this is a good step forward in my long-running campaign against unfair delivery charges.

“Ultimately, there is still much more to be achieved as far too many retailers continue to fleece Scots customers – particularly in the north of the country where many consumers are increasingly taking advantage of being able to buy on-line.

“Although we have seen a number of companies review their practices, many Scots in these areas still struggle with sky-high delivery costs.

“The public outcry is leading to action and I am pleased that Wayfair have listened, although I will be continuing to discuss with them and others what more can be done.

“Hopefully other retailers who slap unfair, discriminatory charges on Scots consumers will follow suit. We also need retailers that offer free delivery to mainland UK to ensure they are including mainland Scotland in that definition, as anything else is potentially illegal.

“Free delivery should mean free delivery. Anything else is completely unfair.”