Make Your Small Room Look Bigger With These Simple Interior Decor Tips

Make Your Small Room Look Bigger With These Simple Interior Decor Tips

Make your room space look bigger (Photo credits: Pixabay)

The struggle of making your small room look bigger is so real for almost all the people. Fitting all the necessary belongings into places with a limited access to space is a tussle. Be it a dorm or an apartment, getting an adequate, big space for living is hard to find these days but not anymore. Ankur Dhawan, CIO,, and Snehil Gautam, Marketing Head,, list ways that can help you make any room look bigger than it really is.

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Use light colours: The reflective qualities of light colours are very well known to us. Light colour helps a space open up making it light and airy. Try painting the room in only one colour or with different shades of the same colour so that the boundaries between the walls are not well defined which causes your eye to travel up making the ceiling seem higher than it really is. Light colour even simplifies the space making it look clutter less and emphasizes the architecture.

Clever use of furniture: When you don’t have access to a larger space but need to cram all your worldly belongings into place, all you need to do is choose your furniture wisely. Opt for multifunctional furniture and incorporate clever use of contrasts of the furniture with the walls. You can even use built-in furniture to open up a space. How to Use Rugs to Revamp The Look of Your House.

Let there be light: Nothing makes a room bigger than the allowance of natural lights into your living space. Natural light opens up space and makes a room look bigger and brighter. When you paint your room in light colour and allow the natural light to penetrate into it, it reflects the light which in turn fools your eye into your room looking bigger. Well placed mirrors also play wonders in penetrating the light and making your room bigger and brighter.

Keep your room clutter less: A room full of trash and clutter makes you feel claustrophobic. One of the major changes you need to incorporate in the process of making your room bigger is the cutting down of the mess. Get rid of all the unwanted things you’re not in need of right now and try placing your necessary items in an organized manner.

Use same colour or small print fabrics: Pick fabrics of the same colour or select small-printed fabrics for your room. If you choose large-printed fabrics, it’ll make your room look smaller and a bit messed up, no matter how well-organized you keep it. Interior Decor Tips: Ways to Use Carpets as Wall Art to Add an Extra Dose of Glamour to Your Home.

Make your ceilings pop with bright colours: Paint your ceilings with brighter colours than that of the walls. This trick keeps your attention towards the ceiling making the ceiling look higher. Essentially, keep your interior simple and go for simpler accessories to deceive your eyes into your room looking wider than it really is.

If you follow these steps then you can increase the space or at least get the feeling that you have more space within your room. The arrangement of objects, choosing the proper colours and fabrics can do to just enhance the look of the room.


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