Living Room and Garden decorating ideas

‘Less is more’ is the motto for modern day home décor. As a matter of fact, the idealised 21st century home is clutter-free and decorated with minimalist furniture. While keeping your home décor neat and tasteful is absolutely essential, adding your creativity and effort to decorating it is also necessary. So we say – DIY and have all the fun!

Many Feng Shui and interior décor experts often state that a home’s design and decoration can affect your health and personal energy too. In this regard, Do-It-Yourself ideas can play a positive role. They are not just a creative, fun and thrifty way to decorate. But in fact, they can make the home feel more like ‘yours’! Isn’t this what you want when friends and family gather at your place to celebrate any important occasion? The unique outlook that highlights your individuality!

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Parsimonious Gallery

Gallery walls – consisting of a number of photographs (especially family photos) – have become a popular space in the modern house in recent times. While getting your memorable pictures framed at a nearby store is the convenient way to go, the real creativity lies in making your own photo frames.

There are several inexpensive materials you can use to make them, starting from scrap wood and twigs to Popsicle sticks (which are now available in packets at most stationery shops, by the way). Moreover, you can liven up your corridor wall with a splash of bright-coloured paint before hanging up those frames to create your own personal memory lane in the house.

Tutorials on making photo frames:


Furniture Recovery

Who doesn’t own at least one furniture in the house that is a bit of an eyesore? Whether it is your uncle’s termite-eaten wooden bookshelf or the formidable steel ‘almira’ from your great grandmother’s inheritance, it’s time to give it the stylish makeover it deserves. For this, spray painting and wallpaper are two budget-friendly options to go for. For the former option, you might want to paint on a base colour on the furniture first. Next, print out floral and foliate or any other cutouts of your choice and by carefully placing it against the furniture’s torso, begin spray-painting.

Wallpapering is comparatively easier, although a tad bit pricier. If you don’t have some spare pieces lying around the house, you can always grab a roll (cost starting from Tk 1000 onward) from an interior décor store. It is a good idea to do the makeover in the outdoors or on the balcony to avoid smearing paint/glue on surrounding valuables. 

Tutorial video for wallpapering furniture:


Spruce up your balcony or yard garden with aesthetically appealing details. Terracotta planters and pots are a gardening classic in this region. You can use some spray paint or simple paint to give an interesting look to your mundane planters. A monochromatic scheme (black-white, gold, etc.) can look classy in the green surroundings. Découpaged floral fabrics are another excellent idea to enhance the look of succulents in the garden.

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Jar of Happiness

Mason jars are common goods in Dhaka, available for Tk 200-400 at the New Market kitchen and silverware stores. Besides having your favourite drink or storing Oreos in it, it could also be of great use for some DIY décor. Although several online stores sell mason jarred fairy lights, now, you could make one right at home. Fairy lights cost about Tk 300-500. To start off, you should carefully drill an opening at the bottom of the jar for the plug to pass through and then tuck in the lights and switch it on. You can also spray paint the jar as you like to give it a more chic outlook. Mason jars make great flower vases too and add a simple yet sophisticated touch to the room’s decoration.

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Pompoms on the Floor

They feel divine under the feet and look vibrant to the eye – pompom rugs totally have to make it to your DIY list. What you will need are a few colourful yarns of thread, a pair of scissors, two old paper towel rolls and an old rug mat. First, wrap the yarn around the two rolls for about a hundred times. Then you have to gently pull out the yarn from the rolls and cut another piece of yarn (about 12 inches. Next, tie it in the middle and cut the ends of the fluff to make it look like a fluffy pompom ball. The final step is to thread or glue the pompom balls onto the old rug and voila, you have a cozy and frugal décor for the floor.

The steps are given in detail here:


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