Life’s About To Get Less Dull Thanks To These 42 Badass Products On Amazon

I’ve always thought the coolest person in the James Bond movies isn’t Bond himself, but rather Q — Bond’s gadget guru. Although you can’t pick through the killer toys in Bond’s arsenal, the good news is that your own life is about to get significantly less dull with these killer Amazon products that’ll cut your problems in half. Thanks to Jeff Bezos (founder and CEO of Amazon), it’s almost like you have your own personal Q to supply your next brilliant purchase.

These products are the best of the best — the items you’ll find yourself recommending to friends over and over again. For example, if you haven’t yet read Jen Sincero’s You Are A Badass, this nontraditional self-help read is definitely worth your time. And when it comes to actual gadgets, I’m kind of in love with this hydration backpack that comes in 11 zingy holographic color choices and these solar-powered lawn torches that look exactly like real flames. Finally, be sure to check out this cup that will make you a smoothie or a shake all by itself — no power needed — thanks to its unique core that you store in the freezer until you’re ready to go.

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No, this list doesn’t contain the ballpoint pen that can take out an entire block, but I’m thinking the co-op board or your homeowner’s association would frown on that anyway. So put your plans for world domination on hold and indulge your inner geek with these fun, helpful, badass products from Amazon.

1. The Gadget That Aerates, Cools, And Pours Your Wine

Newward Wine Chiller


If you enjoy white wine, rosé, or even some younger reds that are meant to be enjoyed cool, this accessory can really improve your appreciation of your favorite beverage. First, it’s an FDA-certified, food-grade stainless steel cooling rod that’s suitable for insertion into just about any bottle of wine — and it keeps it chill for up to an hour. On top of the rod sits a two-in-one aerator and pourer, which enhances your wine’s flavor and helps eliminate drips and splashes.

2. This Bee Venom Serum To Both Nourish And Plump Your Skin

Wild Ferns New Zealand Bee Venom Serum


Crafted from humanely-harvested bee venom and blended with active manuka honey, this serum delivers skin-plumping benefits while also nourishing the cells. Its ethical and effective formula is a natural solution for refining the complexion and leaving behind a refreshed, brighter appearance; of course, patch test first to ensure you’ll have no reaction to the venom.

3. Shred Meats With The Utmost Control Thanks To These Bear Paws

The Original Bear Paws


Every barbecue fan — whether you’re cooking inside the house or out on the grill — needs a pair of these claws. They make it easy to transport meats back and forth while cooking and help you to shred through them like a bear in the wild (hence the name). Made from BPA-free, FDA-approved nylon, they’re heat-resistant up to 475 degrees, so they’re highly-durable and long-lasting. Plus, these tools are available in six colors, whether you’re matching your kitchen decor or your favorite sports team.

4. This Shimmery Backpack That Holds Water So You Can Stay Hydrated On The Go

Reinos Hydration Backpack


Lightweight but with a robust 2-liter capacity, this backpack is a terrific solution for hydration when you’re running, hiking, camping, or even out exploring the city. Made with FDA-approved materials that are also BPA-free and anti-microbial, the bladder tucks into an insulated compartment and has a silicone bite valve, which loops into the front of the pack. There’s also plenty of additional, waterproof space in the pack for your everyday essentials.

5. The Book That Will Show You How To Kick It Into Gear In Every Facet Of Your Life

You Are A Badass


Not into woo-woo self help books? Don’t worry —this one has exactly zero percent of that. Jen Sincero cuts straight to the chase, and her recommendations and guidance aren’t just practical; they’re also funny, and they work. Part of her philosophy is based on the strategy of “acting as if” until you have achieved your goals. She provides practical advice and encouragement for each step along the way, so you can kick it into gear in all facets of your life.

6. This Chlorophyll-Derived Gel That’s Super-Food For Your Skin

bioClarity Restore Skin Superfood Gel


Hydrate and nourish your skin with this gel that’s rich in antioxidants and derived from chlorophyll. That’s right — the same sun-converted nutrients used by plants are present in this lightweight formula. It disappears instantly into the skin to soothe away unwanted redness and irritation, plus it evens out skin tone and delivers protection straight to your cell.

7. This Immersion Blender For Quick And Easy Smoothies, Shakes, And Soups

Mueller Austria Immersion Blender


With an ergonomic non-slip grip that makes it easy to gain leverage, this immersion blender is a real whiz at whipping up shakes and smoothies as well as blending soups, desserts, and even homemade baby food. According to reviewers, this lightweight tool is such a pleasure to work with because it’s extremely easy to operate — and it’s so much more convenient than hauling out your heavy, hard-to-clean food processor. Last but not least, it keeps the mess at bay better than your hand mixer.

8. The Alarm Clock That Uses Your Body’s Circadian Rhythms To Help Wake You Up

Sunrise Alarm Clock


Put the power of your own circadian rhythms to work for you with this alarm clock; it brightens gradually beginning 30 minutes before your wake time — and it can work in reverse with a sunset simulation that dims gradually before your appointed “lights out.” The clock is also equipped with six natural sounds as well as an FM radio for a more traditional wake-up call.

9. This Locator System That Ensures You Never Lose Your Keys Ever Again

10. Finally, Here Are Those Viral Rain Boots You Can’t Live Without

Sloggers Spring Surprise Boot


Beloved for decades by gardeners, these boots from Sloggers have gone viral and taken Amazon by storm, garnering an eye-opening 3,500-plus reviews. They come in a wide variety of designs (including a dozen floral styles alone), and they feature a heavy-duty lug tread that provides excellent traction in slippery, muddy conditions. Pair all that with an insole that’s designed to provide maximum comfort for extended wear, and it’s no wonder these have a 4.6-star rating. Crafted from 100-percent recyclable, vegan material, they’re made to clean up easily, too.

  • Available sizes: Women’s 6-11

11. This Cup That Creates Homemade Smoothies And Milkshakes In Minutes

Zoku Slush And Shake Maker


Your imagination is the limit with this cup that makes shakes and slushies in seven minutes or less right on your countertop — no electricity needed. The secret is in its inner core, which you keep in the freezer until you need it. Insert the inner core into the insulated outer cup, pour in your ingredients, scrape them down with the included spoon, and just like that, you’ll have a delightful, custom-made frozen treat.

12. The Torches Look Just Like The Real Thing, But They’re Solar And Waterproof

Sunlitec Solar Torches (2 Pack)


Tiki torches are an attractive and romantic way to light your outdoor pathways and back yard — and these solar torches are a weather-resistant, safe, and eco-friendly way to get the look you love without hassle. They’re designed with LEDs that emit a soft flicker effect and are powered by solar collectors that work through the day to collect energy. Enjoy the appealing, realistic flame reviewers rave about, even in harsh weather.

13. An Exercise Ball That’s Attractive Enough For Your Living Room Or Office

Vivora Luno Sitting Ball


Most exercise balls aren’t too attractive, so even though you know they’re a better alternative for sitting, you’re hesitant to have it out in your office or home — but not this ball, which comes with a classy cover that upgrades it to furniture-status. Nine cover styles are available to choose from (from canvases to leatherettes) and of course, the ball technology itself is solid and made from premium, anti-burst PVC.

14. A Backpack That Discourages Potential Thieves And Charges Your Smartphone

Oscaurt Anti-Theft Travel Backpack


Backed with durable EVA material and designed with an easily-accessible main zipper, this backpack’s anti-theft design will ensure that your stuff is always secure. Inside, it has all the accessory pockets you’d expect as well as a velvety compartment to keep your laptop in good shape — plus it even incorporates a USB charger to power up your smartphone.

15. This Silicone Tray To Portion, Form, And Store Meatballs — And So Much More

Shape + Store Master Meatball Maker


Form and store 2 pounds of meat into 32 perfectly-portioned meatballs with this silicone tray. Ideal for compact freezing, this BPA-free tray can also be used for so much more: Use it to portion cookie dough, chocolate truffles, cheese puffs, and cake pops. Portions are completely walled off from one another, enabling them to be easily removed one at at time — even when they’re frozen.

16. The Pillow That’s Going To Be Your Couch’s New BFF

Cup Cozy Pillow Deluxe


Crafted from firm memory foam that conforms to the items placed inside it, this pillow features five holes designed to hold coffee cups, cold drinks, cans, bottles, remotes, your smartphone — anything and everything you need for a relaxing night in. The machine-washable cover means you can also use it well beyond the living room; take the cup cozy to your kids’ next soccer match or out on a picnic to keep things neat, tidy, and close at hand.

17. The Light That’s Flexible Enough For Tons Of Hands-Free Positions

LuminoLight Flexible Book Light


With flexible silicone arms that will bend into virtually any position, this light is ideal for reading or doing crossword puzzles in bed — but that’s not all. Use it for walking the dog after dark, fasten it around your bike’s handlebars to guide your way, or attach it to your patio umbrella while enjoying a late dinner outside. The lights on either arm work separately and each have three modes: a flashlight, a wide area light, and a spotlight.

18. This Seven-Function Multi-Tool That’s Also A Pen

ATECH Innovation 7-In-1 Tech Tool


While it does deliver fluid writing action, this pen does so much more: Just a bit larger than a standard ballpoint, its ultra-durable aluminum and copper body also encompasses a bottle opener, a stylus, miniature flathead and Phillips screwdrivers, metric and inch rulers, and a phone stand. It’s even TSA-compliant and weighs just over half a pound, making it the perfect accompaniment for travel when you can’t or don’t want to take along a standard multi-tool.

19. Enjoy A Professional Facial Treatment At Home With This Steamer

Amconsure Facial Steamer


Designed to operate for 10 consistent minutes per fill, this steamer generates a warm, full-powered mist for professional-level therapy that opens clogged pores and adds penetrating moisture to dry skin. While it’s great as an initial step in your at-home facial, a steam treatment can also help relieve blocked sinuses, boost circulation, and improve the efficiency of your creams and serums.

20. The Sparkly Facial Mask That’s As Effective As It Is Fun To Look At

MEMEBOX I DEW CARE Disco Kitten Peel-Off Mask


Although it goes on white, this mask quickly dries to a sparkly metallic chrome shade — and how fun is it to walk around looking like C3PO’s silvery cousin? That said, the healing properties of this mask are no joke: Formulated with both pearl and diamond powders, it gently exfoliates to leave your skin silky smooth, all while brightening your complexion to leave behind a radiant glow.

21. A Gadget That Quickly And Easily Peels Hard-Boiled Eggs

The NEGG Boiled Egg Peeler


With just a bit of water, this gadget can help you turn the tedious and aggravating task of peeling hard-boiled eggs into a cakewalk. Give it a gentle shake, and the unique patent-pending design helps break up the egg’s shell and ease it off with minimal work on your part. It’s a must-have for anyone who regularly cooks with boiled eggs or enjoys them as part of a protein-rich diet.

22. Reseal Foods To Keep Them Fresh With This Mini Heat Sealer

Shendian Mini Food Bag Heat Sealer


While this device may look like a crimping iron fresh from the ’80s, it’s actually designed to provide a corrugated seal to plastic bags. The result? Previously-opened foods stay fresh as well as protected from air and water. Those last few handfuls of chips or pretzels will be just as delicious as the first few thanks to this handheld device that reduces food waste and heats up quickly.

23. Peel Apples And Pears In Just Seconds With This Device

Ourokhome Rapid Peeler


With four suction cups that hold this hand-operated device firmly in place, this peeler produces a fresh, skinless apple or pear in seconds thanks to its ultra-sharp stainless steel blade. The manual operation makes it great for use while camping, and it glides through the peels in a resistance-free manner so it’s suitable for people with limited movement. Crafted from durable, BPA-free plastic, this peeler cleans up and stores easily, too.

24. The Accessory That Helps You Cook Anything On The Grill

Luxury Grill Products Grill Basket


Enjoy fish, fruits, veggies, and even desserts out on the grill with this brilliant basket; it’s made from 100-percent stainless steel and features a deep bowl design to keep ingredients in place. The large, perforated holes enable plenty of heat and smoke to get through to your food, and the curved handles permit easy transport from grill to table. (It’s even dishwasher-safe, too.)

25. Get Serious About Your iPhone Photography With This Lens Package

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit For iPhone


Get the most from your iPhone’s photography capabilities with this lens kit. It includes a wide angle and a macro lens that can combine together to dramatically expand your field of view and produce sharp, panoramic photos. Engineered from aircraft-grade aluminum, these lenses are durable enough for everyday use, and their coated glass minimizes light and glare obstructions. The kit also comes with a clip-on LED for warm and natural illumination that reviewers prefer to their phone flashes.

26. A Roomy, Waterproof Blanket That Folds Up Into A Pocket-Size Square

Pike Trail Pocket Blanket


Small enough to fit in your pocket or bag, this blanket unfolds so that two adults can sit comfortably on its roomy surface. It’s made from premium rip-stop nylon, so it’s resistant to sand, water, and wind — plus it folds up into an included pouch complete with a built-in carabiner. Sewn-in grommets even enable you to stake in poles for the ultimate in convenience.

27. A Neck Pillow That Offers Built-In Acupressure

ZenGuru Acupressure Neck Pillow


Equipped with both acupressure disks and magnets, this unique pillow delivers targeted therapy to your neck and shoulder regions. It manipulates your trigger points to relieve pain while also utilizing a beneficial magnetostatic field to supposedly deliver soothing relaxation. Recommended for ongoing daily therapy, it’s suitable for headache and migraine sufferers as well as those experiencing muscle strain.

28. This Light Bulb That Saves You Energy And Protects Your Home

Phillips Hue Smart Bulb


Engineered to sync up with your smartphone, this bulb can perform a wide variety of functions, from light shows with more than 16 million colors to protecting your house from intruders by making it seem like you’re always at home. Control your lights from anywhere via WiFi (or your voice, thanks to its ability to pair with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit). You can even save energy by setting your lights to automatic schedules.

29. The Little Guy That’s Way More Fun Than Your Traditional Shower Caddy

Formverkert Octopus Shower Caddy


With his gangly tentacles and cute, beady eyes, this octopus is the friendly shower companion everyone needs. The adjustable loops at the ends of his arms fit around your massive shampoo bottle and hold something as small as your razor, so he gives you lots of flexibility to organize your most oddly-sized bottles and toys.

30. A Scalp Massager Brush To Boost Circulation And Relaxation

Zyllion Scalp Massager Brush


Who doesn’t love the scalp massage you get when you go to the salon? This massager brush is a great way to emulate that whether you’re looking for relaxation or stimulation. By boosting blood-flow with its flexible bristles, it has the potential to reduce dandruff, improve circulation, and promote new hair growth. Suitable for wet or dry, you can use it in the shower or out.

31. The Unique Travel Pillow That’s Versatile And Inflatable

SmartDer Inflatable Travel Pillow


This inflatable pillow doesn’t rely on the seat around you to provide a comfortable place to rest your head and neck; instead, its structure is firm enough to accommodate you all on its own while you’re on the go. There’s a compartment to rest your arms and hug it to your body, and a face cradle for head-down sleep. It takes just a few breaths to inflate, and when deflated, it stores compactly in your carry-on.

32. This K-Beauty Face Mask That Uses Real 24-Karat Gold

Elixir Cosmetics 24K Gold Korean Collagen Face Mask


Self-care goes gold with this mask that actually incorporates everyone’s favorite precious mineral. As a result, it doesn’t just look cool — it also boosts collagen production and even helps to firm the skin. Suitable for all types, it’s packed with vitamin E and additional collagen to moisturize and plump, as well as Coenzyme Q10, which provides a wealth of desirable antioxidant properties.

33. This Odd-Looking Ball That Delivers Relief Through Your Hands And Feet

LYAPKO Hand/Foot Massage Ball


It’s no secret that we all spend way too much time sitting down and staring into our devices. Despite the fact that it looks like a medieval torture device, this ball can apparently help with the resulting stiffness and pain. Crafted from soft rubber and armed with more than 650 acupressure needles, it hits all your trigger points when rolled across your hands or feet. Its unique, patented design is meant to increase circulation, relieve stress, improve sensitivity in your extremities, and relieve pain.

34. Get Rid Of Bugs And Spiders (Humanely) With This Critter Catcher

My Critter Catcher


Remove insects and spiders from your home humanely and without having to make contact with them. This device enables you to sweep them up into its soft bristles; you then take the intruder outside and release it without ever having to meet eye-to-eye. Operate the bristles using the trigger device on the handle, which is a safe 4 feet away from your household pest.

35. The Brilliant Travel Umbrella That Inverts To Prevent Dripping

YRH Travel Umbrella


Designed to fold up in an inverted shape, this umbrella keeps the accumulated rainwater inside the waterproof surface, instead of all over you, the floor, and everything else. With eight reinforced fiberglass ribs, it has a sturdy windproof design that’s impervious to UV rays — plus it weighs less than a pound for convenience on the go.

36. The Towel That Keeps You Cool When You’re Working Or Playing Outside

Ergodyne Chill-Its Cooling Towel


Available in five colors, this towel is made from super-absorbent PVA that uses split-second evaporation to cool you down when you’re hot. Just wet the towel thoroughly with cold water and expose it to the air; you’ll have four hours of cooling relief even in the hottest conditions. These towels are great for the beach, pool, or family visits to the amusement park.

37. This Massager That Relieves All Kinds Of Foot Pain

Truerelax Dual Foot Massager


Enjoy a relaxing, therapeutic treatment that also stimulates circulation. This massager enables you to work on both feet at the same time thanks to its textured wooden rollers. It’s ideal for anyone who’s on their feet all day, suffers from painful conditions like plantar fasciitis or neuropathy, or is simply looking for a little relaxation while watching television or answering e-mails.

38. A Fitness Tracker That Does It All For A Fraction Of The Price

USTEK Fitness Tracker


Keep an eye on your fitness milestones and important health metrics with this tracker; it syncs up with an app on your smartphone to tackle all the essentials, but it’s so much less expensive than the competition. It features 10 sport modes and a variety of alarms that can be configured to meet your needs, and it’s waterproof up to 3 feet, so there’s no need to take it off when showering, bathing, or washing dishes.

39. This Hook That Keeps Your Desk Neat And Tidy

EURPMASK Headphone Hook


Headphones can be clunky and hard to store safely. That said, with an adjustable clamp that attaches to a shelf or the edge of your desk, this hook is the perfect accessory to keep your desk or work area free from clutter. Soft rubber pads on both sides of the clamp protect your furniture from scarring, and it features a built-in cable loop to make sure your cords don’t tangle.

40. This Cooker That Helps You Make S’Mores Anytime Without A Fire

Nostalgia Electric S’Mores Maker


There’s nothing quite like a s’more, and now you don’t have to wait until you’re gathered around a campfire. This electric device enables you to make the dessert treat anytime you want with a flameless electric heater that browns the marshmallows and melts the chocolate. It’s surrounded by four serving compartments that keep your supplies handy, and the set comes with two roasting forks for toasting the marshmallows.

41. The Hair Clip That’s Your Secret Weapon In A Pinch

Tacticlip Tactical Hair Clip (Set Of 4)


It looks like a regular, mild-mannered hair clip, and it works like one, too — but it’s really so much more. This hair clip is also a multi-tool with seven other functions that are guaranteed to get you out of just about any sticky situation. Among the tools, you’ll find a ruler, a serrated edge, and a wire stripper, plus you can keep it on your keychain for easy access.

42. The Set Of Clips That Lets You Trim Your Hair At Home

CreaProducts CreaClip Set (Set Of 2)


Fresh from Shark Tank, these clips will enable you to trim your own hair at home — or even help you to create more dramatic styles without paying steep salon prices. Just fasten the clip onto the section of hair; then slide it down until you’ve reached your ideal length and trim the rest. A level is built in to each clip to ensure that you get professional-looking results.

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