FAITH & FURNITURE: Falls Creek store celebrates name change, ‘at home’ experience | News

FALLS CREEK — Locals recently said “bon voyage” to the Miller Brothers brand name they have known for 50 years, and welcomed a new name — Miller Home Furniture & Mattress.

The official grand opening of Miller Home Furniture & Mattress was held Sept. 6, where the ribbon-cutting ceremony was conducted, but the “soft opening” began Aug. 24, said Owner Pam Miller.

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It all started with her grandfather, Jess Miller, buying sofas and putting them in his basement, Pam said, then building a 5,000 square-foot building next to his house to sell them.

In 1986, the business was turned over to the three “Miller Brothers” — Jess, Duane and Jim — and in 1997, they bought the Falls Creek Building. In 2001, the By the Room store was opened on Shaffer Road near the DuBois Mall.

Pam, who is a previous Make-A-Wish of Greater Pennsylvania and West Virginia director of 20 years, entered the business in 2006, and bought it from the brothers in 2013.

In April, they decided to rebrand, and moved the warehouse to Beaver Drive, Pam said.

“In the ever-developing world of retail, things are always changing,” she said.

Anyone who walks in the front doors of the Falls Creek furniture store is greeted by not only an array of shiny and colorful home decor, but a smiling face and something fresh to drink. Retired local women bake goods and act as greeters for Miller Home customers, Pam said.

“We want it to be inviting and welcoming — for our customers to feel at home when they walk in the door,” she said.

The name change is pretty much the only thing that has changed, Pam said. Ironically, she has still been operating under the “brothers” name since 2013.

The firm’s appreciation for customers and exclusivity with vendors and high-quality products have stayed the same, Pam said.

“You can change the name and the look of your store, and invest your time and money into it, but what can you do to make your customers’ experience better?” she said.

They get many compliments on how “pretty” and scenic their store is, Pam said, and get a sense of the excitement people feel when it comes to making their house a home.

Pam took over a company built on family, faith and a love for furniture, but offers much more than just shiny coffee tables and high-quality couches. She incorporates her passion for helping people, operating under the notion that “God blesses those who bless others.”

In 2014, she started the Furniture Bank, which helps people in need, such as a family who has suffered from a fire or those who can’t afford furniture. People willing to get rid of items can donate it to the furniture bank, and for a very minimal fee, a family in need can receive it.

“My passion is helping people, but my purpose is selling furniture,” she said. “By making a purchase from us, you’re helping people in need.”

Throughout this process, she has many people to thank, Pam said, including her 50 staff members, Designer Marcy Meholick and Lezzer Lumber for letting her house the Furniture Bank.

“Without my staff, none of this would have been possible,” she said.

The store is also now open on Sundays from noon-4 p.m.


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