Elegance found in simple lines…


This week You! takes a look at the chic and stylish interiors of Munira and Aamir Vasi’s home in Karachi…

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Without a doubt, your home is your personal space where you would want it to reflect your tastes. You would like it to be the perfect display case for your favourite mementoes. At the same time, you want it to serve a practical purpose – to escape the pressures and stresses of everyday life in a tranquil idyll or a sensuous boudoir.

Similarly, the desire for self expression is quite obvious in Munira and Aamir Vasi’s home. You will see the owners’ personality reflecting in the various items of furnishing, choice of colours, artefacts and decorative items tastefully adorning the house. The Vasis moved into their sprawling home a couple of years back. However, the one thing they both agreed on was simplicity. They wanted their home to be on simple lines and nothing ostentatious for them would do.

“We wanted everything to be easily manageable and without fuss. Once the house was ready for us to move in we had furniture designed to suit our need,” apprises Munira, the delightful owner of the house. Munira wanted to have furniture and decorations that gelled with the family.

They wanted something that could make them smile and which would ultimately make the place feel like home.

Hence, the painstaking job of delving in each and every piece of furniture and furnishing over the next few weeks once they had moved in.

“We needed something stylish yet practical and sturdy that would be used for years to come. My friend Nadira Poonawala, who is an interior designer, designed some of our furniture pieces.”

For instance, the dining table, the sideboard, the green settee, the shoe-cabinet, in-built console are some of Nadira’s creative items. “But the best part about Nadira’s work is her wall panels. She is an expert at it and knowing her expertise with the same, we commissioned her to design a few pieces that now adorn the walls in our various rooms.”

Wanting to amp up their environs, Munira immediately got down to setting up the place just the way she liked it. A teacher by profession, and an art lover, Munira loves dabbling in anything that is even remotely associated with art. Her home is her ultimate canvas where one can see her changing state of mind in the changing home decor.

Wanting a modern interior, Munira opted for the minimalistic look. This is exactly what you see at this abode. There is ample sunlight streaming in throughout the house which was also a priority for the couple. “I wanted a contemporary interior that was comfortable and welcoming without being cluttered and dark. When planning the house, Amir and I both wanted lots of sunlight in all our rooms,” she shares.

Munira’s penchant for all that is arty saw the couple put up a variety of wall panels by Nadira in the various entertainment areas of their home. The drawing room for instance has the backlit butterfly panel which is a sheer work of art. Similarly, the lounge and patio walls are also adorned with Nadira’s signature wall panels.

Moving on to the architectural design, the ground floor comprises the drawing room, lounge, kitchen and a guest room. The Vasis’ living quarters are on the upper level; as you go up the stairs, you come to the master bedroom done up in shades of browns and off white while the boys’ bedrooms are in similar shades also.

As for the formal sitting area, this is where guests are entertained. The choice of colour for the walls throughout the house is primarily white while the drapes are milky white. “I believe a white background lends sophistication and class to a home. I add splashes of colours in the form of accessories. I believe such colourful additions make a strong statement in a room. You can opt for a variety of colours as long as the overall result is appealing. So, to jazz up your interior, try new fabric covers, cushions, plants and wall paintings – the effect will be pretty strong,” adds Munira.

The interior is majorly nature-inspired as is evident in all that beautifies the house – the butterfly wall panel, the creek and floral paintings decorating the walls, leaf print embossed on the accent wall all seek inspiration from nature.

The lounge takes you to the kitchen which is divided into the grease kitchen and the clean kitchen. This also serves as the Vasis’ casual dining space. It is here that the family mostly dines.

“This is where we hangout too. I wanted my kitchen to be a cosy, welcoming place which beckons to my family at all meal times. And sure enough it became our get-together point. Incidentally, my kitchen is also my favourite hideout, where you are sure to find me at any time of the day,” preens the satisfied Munira.

Photography by

Shaharyar Hasan Shaikh


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