Easy decor ideas to make your home summer-ready

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Give your house a refreshing touch this summer. (Designed by Rajan Sharma/The Indian Express)

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Summer is all about light and pastel colours, so why not include such earthen shades to your home decor to match with the season. Giving your interiors a relaxed look with the right colour palette can have a calm and soothing effect.

To help you create a relaxing environment at home this summer, Rajiv Rajgopal, managing director, AkzoNobel India shares a few tips:

The perfect bedroom

home decor, home decor tips, summer interiors, indian express
You must pay extra attention while planning your bedroom’s decor.

The bedroom is an extremely private space in a house when you relax and rejuvenate, which is why it is important to pay more attention to this space. To create a relaxed and soothing space, you can go for soft pink mixed with earthy neutrals and warm tones of gold and give it an elegant look. Add simple wooden furniture and rich patterned fabrics to complete the room’s look.

Luxurious living room

home decor, home decor tips, summer interiors, indian express
Plants can add a touch of freshness to the living room.

Most of us like to stay away from the heat and spend time indoor during summers – either watching television or just lounging in the living room. A selection of muted pastels is the focus this summer, with bands of spiced honey (colour of the year 2019) highlighting the window openings and adding a refined touch to the overall look. It is perfect for those craving a calm and relaxed living space. Indoor plants can add a touch of freshness when placed in the living room.

Vibrant children’s room

home decor, home decor tips, summer interiors, indian express
You can use pastel shades in your child’s room.

While kids like to spend their time outside with friends during summer holidays, they also spend a lot of time at home doing holiday homework. It is imperative to surround them with a combination of colours which complements their vibrant energy levels. Using light pastels will create a cooler look and help children feel enthused even indoors. Also, children’s room have a lot of scope for accessories, so you can add a mini desk, blackboards and maps to keep them inspired and add to the playfulness of the room.

A sophisticated kitchen

home decor, home decor tips, summer interiors, indian express

As the temperature rises, trips to the kitchen for a cool drink or a bowl of refreshing fruits also increases. While no one likes to spend their time in a kitchen, especially during summers, it helps if your kitchen is done up in summer colours. You can pep up your kitchen by glamourising the space with unconventional choice of colours and texture. Intense charcoal-blue painted cabinets look sharp against a mellow pale peach pink, while using golden-toned spiced honey for the ceiling. Touch of graphic black and polished copper can add to the kitchen’s overall decor.


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