Colin and Justin: Spring forward to a brighter home

So it’s finally happening. Yup, we can feel it in our bones: climatically joyous times lie ahead. And who could blame us being excited after the winter we’ve just experienced? Saints preserve us: Mother Nature’s icy fingers are finally losing their grip and longer days are here. Hallelujah!

Consequently, we long to drag our shorter pants from hibernation and roll up our shirt sleeves. We’re desperate to ditch the stout winter wellies and squeeze, Cinderella style, into sneakers as the season of new life and development envelops us in promise. Oh, and we intend doing a spot of redecorating…

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Just as spring cleaning is on the cards for many Canadians, so too is ‘spring dreaming’ (the way forward in Ryan McAllister Towers) the perfect period during which to transition space out of the dark towards brighter times.

Imagine, if you will, that you’re putting together a ‘spring/summer’ collection for your home. Before flexing your credit card, think about what you already have and how new items can be sequenced in. Prioritize requirements, and be methodical. It really is a no brainer.

As we see it, décor is about much more than carpets and curtains. It’s about setting mood and building atmosphere. But of course ‘intangibles’ such as those are birthed from correctly assembling the ‘tangibles’ – furniture, décor and accessories. We also believe that ‘seasonal adjustment’ will positively effect your psyche and your share of ‘home happiness’. So you won’t just be buying ‘things’, you’ll be setting foot on a brighter path towards a better life.

Imagine spring as the first course in a delicious seasonal menu – its purpose to awaken the senses, tickle the tongue and get you fired up for subsequent gastronomic layers. Now imagine your home as a blank canvas (a clean plate, if you like) ready for a riot of taste and colour, the perfect kick start for the year ahead.

If unsure about where to start (and if budget and cash permit) paint your room cream (or a soft bone tone) to clear negativity. This will allow you to truly appreciate your space without distraction. Be ruthless with furnishings, accessories and clutter – if it’s not practical, beautiful or justifiably sentimental, get rid! Do a charity store run or offer what you don’t need to a friend who could benefit

Just as days are getting longer, skies bluer and the sun warmer, so too should rooms become brighter at this time. In the living room featured here, creamy tones and beige notes provide a crisp backbone for soft, relaxing layers. Seasonal hints are delivered via interesting artwork, indoor foliage that sings about the rising climate and by sandy toned pillows that whisper ‘beach’.

Alternatively, seek out items in blue and white to instantly conjure images of the sea and sky; perfect to elicit an outdoor spring feel. Lattice patterns, inspired as they are by the garden, are perfect – anything you can do to bring the outdoors in will enhance your springtime vibe.

Adding sea grass, coir or sisal rugs (on polished timber floors) will soften mood while introducing a sandy, beachy texture to get you ready for warmer climes. Opt, too, for rope covered lamp bases, natural placemats, hessian cuffed cushions or wicker chairs to ramp up this ‘sun dried’ style.

Further ways to beckon spring

  • Metallic vases, mirrors and glassware will bounce light and add sparkle, so hit the stores for a selection of new pieces to bring your project alive.
  • Add floral patterns via fabrics, bedding and wallcoverings – or with vase upon vase of the real thing – to bring your springtime room to a new level.
  • Swap heavy drapes for diaphanous white cotton or palest linen alternatives and allow them to billow gently in the breeze for a super ‘summer’s just around the corner’ feel.
  • Tidy up your bookshelves and pepper them with bright figurines and curios for a Miami feel. Think ‘Jonathan Adler’ and get funky with accessories and objet d’art.
  • Add bright ceramic drums or footstools as occasional tables – Crate and Barrel and CB2 have some stellar options.

Whatever you plan doing, do it soon if schedules and finances permit. Though don’t rush: the best plans, after all, are those which are properly timetabled. Hey, before you know it, you’ll trigger a renewed zest for life and you’ll have a prettier home into the bargain. Where positivity will blossom like the first buds of spring…


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