5 Expert tips to adorn your abode with industrial home decor theme

Industrial home decor theme is currently in trend when it comes to interior designing. So, CEO of MyPoojaBox, Kaveri Sachdev has given tips on industrial home decor style to opt for the theme.

Industrial home decor style is represented by large open spaces, reclaimed objects, use of metal, brick, concrete, wood, junk textures, etc. This edgy and rugged home decor theme has captured the attention of designers and homemakers everywhere.

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If you wish to add a rugged look to your home, an industrial home decor theme will be perfect for you. So, Kaveri Sachdev, CEO of MyPoojaBox, shares some exclusive tips on industrial home decor theme. If you are planning to opt for this home décor style, then follow these tips.

Tips on industrial home décor theme:

Pick distressed materials

Decorate the walls, and tables with salvaged building objects, repurposed classic furniture, distressed products, or utilitarian accessories from flea markets. You can also add parts of bicycle or old machines.

Choose colours wisely

To give an industrial look to the interior, pick grey coloured tones along with generous touches of black, white and earthy tones. If you do not wish to keep the blacks and greys vibrant you can soften the colours into a cold scheme, such as wooden colour or its mid-to-light tones.

Highlight Metal elements

Metal is one of the important elements in industrial decor. Show the basic functional pipes, vents, or old structural beams. Add repurposed shelves, use pipes for lighting, buckets designed as basins, etc.

Keep an unpolished brick wall(s)

Unpolished or exposed brick walls have become the trend in recent times. Keeping one or more walls in exposed brick style adds a rustic feel to the interior. You can keep these walls in burnt red colour or tone it down to a white, distressed hue.

Use hardcore storage instead of typical wooden storage units

To store your documents, important files, papers or books and bills use metal storage units instead of wooden units. The former last longer and are a perfect addition to your industrial home decor theme.

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