2021 interior design trends and fashion trends

Interior designer Rachel Street, the host of DIY Network’s “Philip Renaissance”, told insiders that collapse is one of the fastest declining trends. The gunwale used for waterproofing ships became a fashionable way to decorate the interior walls in the 2010s. She said: “​​Shiplap appears in almost all TV home remodeling shows, but there are many other emerging ways to bring texture into space.” Street added that this year tile, plaster, rattan or plant movable walls are becoming more and more popular.

Dennese Guadeloupe Rojas of “Interior Design” told Insider that the trend of having all-gray kitchen cabinets and walls is gradually disappearing. She said: “The interior of the gray kitchen looks cold and lacking in character.” “On the contrary, I foresee that bold colors will become more and more popular.” She told insiders: “For several years, we have been making everything from walls to countertops.” “Next year, I expect people to re-create visual interest through color.”

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Those who want to bring more excitement to the all-white interior without adding bright colors, can try to combine different light-colored patterns and textures. Modern design in the mid-century draws on style elements that were popular in the 1950s and 1960s, and it has become ubiquitous in recent years. Havenly interior designer Heather Goerzen told Insider that this trend may eventually disappear. She said: “We are moving away from the appearance and space of the ’lunatic’ dominated by mad wood, spindle legs and geometric patterns.”

Barn doors exploded into the field of interior design in the early 2010s, but as we enter the 2020s, they may not be able to maintain their popularity. Rojas told insiders: “The trend of barn doors that are usually painted brown will be replaced by pocket doors or classic French doors.” The upper door slides directly into the adjacent wall, while the French doors usually open outward and feature large glass panels. This trend started as a way to make spaces more interesting, but Rojas said that the era of decorative walls is coming to an end. She told the insider: “The accent wall looks naive and too distracting.” “I hope we will return to a monochrome wall that seamlessly blends with the decoration without causing shocking accent walls.”

Kobi Karp, the chief designer of Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design, told Insider that matching furniture may soon be considered out of date. He said: “The same furniture and matching furniture cannot show personal style.” “I believe that matching equipment will soon be regarded as a design flaw.” Instead of coordinating all the furniture or buying a complete set of furniture from the showroom, it is better to choose mismatched works with complementary colors or designs.

Goerzen describes the rising “millennial” trend as a revival of modern design styles, which you can find in your grandparents’ homes. She said: “Think about floral wallpaper, antique paintings, exquisite porcelain, crochet and quirky styles.” “This trend will definitely attract attention in 2021.” Self-adhesive removable wallpaper is becoming more and more popular among renters or people who are looking for a low obligation way to improve their living space. Rojas said: “Jelly wallpaper is perfect for easy and dramatic room changes.” “You can be creative and peel it off when you are tired.” If you are unwilling to cover the entire room with wallpaper, try adding it above the armrests of the chairs in the dining room, above the moldings in the bathroom or even the closet.

Insiders on the street said: “The era of smooth porcelain or glass subway tiles is gone.” “I started to see a lot of hand-thrown tiles that showed some natural changes, such as Moroccan tiles.” You can use ceramic tiles to create a backsplash or cover the entire wall. However, handmade bricks are usually more expensive than manufactured bricks, so individual blocks can also be added as decorations to reduce costs.

Anyone who wants to add drama to the kitchen can consider painting their cabinets green. Street tells Insider that lighter and darker shadows will pop up in the kitchen everywhere. She said: “Because green is a mixture of blue and yellow, it is suitable for both cool colors and warm and comfortable kitchen designs.” The designer added that combining green cabinets with Carrara marble counters can help accentuate the gray texture of the stone. Industrial interior styles usually include exposed stone carvings, high ceilings, wood and metal elements, and neutral colors.

Karp explained that this carefree style may become an upward trend as people continue to spend more time at home. He said: “Industrial style combines modern and traditional design, and provides a place for living, working and entertaining for interior decoration.” Before the invention of drywall, interior walls were usually created by laying stucco on wooden strips called slats. Street told Insider: “Drywall is installed faster and provides a more uniform surface, but the depth and texture of the plaster is making a comeback.” In order to explore this trend without tearing your walls, she recommends that you apply a thin layer of plaster on the surface of the plasterboard.

QE Home interior designer Ross Thompson told Insider that woven furniture styles will become more and more popular this year. He said: “Rattan and wicker details are coming soon.” “These natural materials add warmth and lightness to home decor.” Rattan furniture is made of woven palm stems, while wicker products are usually made of woven willow branches. Both styles are very lightweight and can be used indoors and outdoors. Synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon and rayon may lose their status as natural and recycled textiles.

Thompson said: “As people’s awareness of environmental issues continues to increase, I foresee the trend of using more sustainable materials and natural fabrics in the home.” He chose organic cotton, recycled polyester and low-impact linen as the main candidates for the new trend.

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