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A parent’s schedule is nothing short of hectic. Between work, daycare, groceries and homework, interior decoration often finds itself quite low on the list of parental priorities.

Have you been meaning to redesign your child’s bedroom? To help get those creative juices flowing, here are design tips for a functional and attractive room that’ll stand the test of time.

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There’s no denying it: low-end furniture wears and breaks faster than quality furniture — especially in a child’s bedroom, where flying toys and sticky fingers are the norm. While savings are always on a parent’s mind, higher-end furniture can be seen as an investment rather than an expense. For an elegant design that will hold up for years, choose sturdy, multi-functional pieces such as:

  • A high-rise bed with desk space underneath
  • A bench that doubles as a storage unit
  • A bed with built-in drawers
  • A desk equipped with shelving


Kids grow up fast and their tastes change even faster. Think twice before buying bedding or curtains covered with your child’s favourite cartoon character. While trains and princesses are fun and appealing, it’s best to opt for an age-appropriate design that you won’t have to completely overhaul every year. So, when your child pleads for a Dora the Explorer-themed bedroom, keep in mind that she’ll probably be begging for something entirely different next month.

It’s all about compromise. While taking into account your little one’s strongest interests and preferences, suggest a more general — but nonetheless fun — theme such as nature, animals, sports or space.

Colour schemes

Thinking long-term about your child’s bedroom means choosing a colour scheme that isn’t strongly associated with a specific age or gender. In other words, avoid making cotton-candy pink or baby-boy blue the room’s main hue.

Instead, choose a neutral shade for the walls and spice up the space with brightly coloured or uniquely patterned accessories. If your child’s preferences change every year, showcase their new favourite things with wall art, throw pillows or light fixtures.

You’ll find it’s a lot more cost-effective than repainting the whole room.


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