The SYMFONISK is an all-in-one speaker and table lamp – News

Sonos and IKEA have partnered to create a new line of speakers with the design and utility of a home environment in mind.

The SYMFONISK collection will launch August 1 in all IKEA stores with two pieces: a table lamp and a bookshelf. Both will be WiFi speakers and capable to connect and pair with any other model of Sonos. Designed with room decor in mind, both pieces are meant to provide a less obvious and integrated version of a speaker for areas working with limited space, like a bedroom.

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The SYMFONISK table lamp will retail for about $179 and is the higher sound quality option of the two pieces. (Though both, for their size, provide good sound quality overall.) The lamp provides accent lighting for a room and features a front-firing directional speaker.

The SYMFONISK bookshelf will retail for only $99, making it the cheapest option across all Sonos speakers. The bookshelf can lay flat and be mounted as a shelf (holding a maximum weight of 6.6 pounds) or stood up and placed on display.

Both the table lamp and bookshelf will be offered in black and white.

Sonos and IKEA have suggested that these two items are the first of more to come, so keep an eye out for more home speaker updates to come from the SYMFONISK line.

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