Decorating with letter art

It’s been said that there is power in words and what better way that to use their effect to add warmth and meaning to your living space?
Gone are the days you could walk into a room and find faces on the walls. Photos were meant to share memories, emotions and the connections within a given space.
The use of photo frames, an essential part of interior decor, is changing as times change.

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With the minimalist style of decoration taking centre stage, this type of wall art has grown popular because of its ability to represent a variety of media within interior spaces. They have become increasingly popular as they are aesthetically pleasing and add character and personality to a wall and space.

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There are a lot frames to choose from when looking to mount a photo; however, this basic decorative style works with all types of spaces.
It comes in a monochromatic style and the privilege of adding personality into a room through your own words.

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Ornate photo frames are meant to bring an air of opulence to a piece and change a room’s ambience. However, framed word photos accentuate images without overpowering them.
Interior Designer Faazati Ali says framed word photos are quite affordable and easy to make. You will only need the frames, your pictures and double-sided tape.
You can also get creative and make 3D art. Faazati says images and quotes are trending at the moment. The images used popularly are black and white, abstract and children artwork.
“Personally, I love the balance created using photographs and word pictures as it ties the whole piece together. When it comes to interior decor a gallery wall is absolutely ideal as it can give a room interest and depth,” she says.
People use words that resonate with their personality. The words can be inspiring or funny.
How to do it
Keep messages generalised: If the space is used by multiple people and guests, then the message should not be over personalised. Use generalised messaging such as love, home, family, home sweet home. Keep messages welcoming and positive so they create that warm feeling.
Keep letters at eye level: If you have a big font letter it is best to keep it at eye level so that one does not need to crane their neck to read the letter or words. Smaller font letters can be used above a shelf placed near the ceiling in a child’s room such as the letters of the alphabet to act as a visual aid for pre-schoolers.  But keep the letters on one wall of the room so that the room does not appear to be too busy.
Align words to room function: Select words according to room function. The word FOOD fits well in a kitchen, WASH will work well for a laundry area or bathroom and READ is suitable for a study room. A child’s name initial can be used in a child’s room either on the bed frame or wall.
Value Ad: Soften the edges of word art by placing pom pom decorative flowers at the edge of the letter. Alternatively, wrap the legs of the letters with close knit strings to give it a fresh look.  
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