Community: 10 Funniest End Tags

Premiering in 2009 to rave reviews, Dan Harmon’s hit comedy Community won fans over with its delightfully wacky group of characters, meta style of comedy and hilarious pop-culture references. With its witty sense of humor, fast-paced energy, and unique tone, Community quickly became one of the most popular and beloved comedy series on television, gaining one of the most passionate fandoms around.

The series might have found success thanks to its incredibly talented cast and creative storylines, but most fans would agree that the wildly imaginative and endlessly entertaining “end tags” were the highlight of each and every episode. For anyone that might not be aware, each episode of Community included a short and often hilarious tag scene that would play as the credits rolled, giving the cast and writers a chance to leave the audience laughing. From Troy And Abed In The Morning to the always funny Spanish Rap, these end tags delivered many of the shows most memorable and iconic moments, but some were certainly better than others. In the list below, we’ve placed what we believe to be the funniest Community end tags of all-time.

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10 Christmas Troy

In the final moments of “Comparative Religion,” which was the twelfth episode of season one and the series’ first official Christmas themes episode, Jeff enters the study room to find Abed decorating Troy like a Christmas tree. Instead of mocking the duo for their silly game or simply walking away, Jeff finds his Christmas spirit and helps to transform Troy into a Christmas tree while singing “Oh Christmas Troy, Oh Christmas Troy”.

9 Troy And Abed Create A Story

Following an episode packed with mysterious conspiracies and hilarious blanket forts, the end tag for “Conspiracy Theories And Interior Design” shows Troy and Abed in the study room finishing each other’s sentences and creating an epic story of war, betrayal, and of course, romance. The hilarious story motivates the hilarious pair to join forces and write a screenplay.

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8 Troy Has Dinner With His Idol

It’s always tough to meet your idols, but we think Troy handled his interaction with LeVar Burton (Star TrekReading Rainbow) perfectly! The end tag for “Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking” continues the traumatic events of the episode for Troy, with the young nerd and his childhood hero sitting down to share a beautifully prepared meal. Troy, however, struggles to stay calm and runs away screaming when the iconic actor begins to sing the Reading Rainbow theme song.

7 Troy Attempts To Leave A Message For Abed

Troy and Abed have one of the most consistently adorable friendships in television history, which is what makes this end tag one of the series’ best. Following the hilarious events of “Modern Warfare,” Troy attempts to leave Abed a voicemail message but struggles to get it right. After a number of failed attempts, Jeff steps in to record his own version of the message, but find it more difficult than expected. After realizing that his message sounded overly aggressive, Troy and Jeff agree to send Abed a text message.

6 Troy And Abed Mocking Greendale Students

As one of the earliest Community end tags, this scene made us fall in love with the friendship between Troy and Abed. While relaxing on the study room couch, Troy and Abed hilariously mock a handful of Greendale students (including Jeff) thinking that they can’t be heard behind the glass study room windows. Jeff quickly makes them aware that he and the other students can hear their offensive jokes, forcing them to close their eyes and pretend they’re asleep.

5 Troy And Abed Find A Baby

One of the more hilarious and unusual end tags comes in the final moments of “Digital Estate Planning” when Troy and Abed entered the study room to find what looked like an abandoned baby. The pair quickly decided to keep and raise the baby by themselves, with Abed committing to a life of work while Troy fears he may have to give up on his dreams. Thankfully for everyone involved, the babies mother emerges from beneath the table allowing Troy and Abed to return to their normal lives.

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4 Batman Voices

During the end credits of the series’ first Halloween episode (“Introduction to Statistics”), which saw the study group reluctantly attend Annie’s Día de Los Muertos party while Jeff attempted to woo his incredibly attractive statistics professor, Troy (dressed as Eddie Murphy) and Abed (dressed as Batman) practice their impressions of Christian Bale’s Dark Knight while discussing some of their most bizarre and hilarious inner thoughts.

3 The Spanish Rap

The shows first official end tag aired during the credits of the second-ever episode (“Spanish 101”) and became one of the series’ funniest and most memorable moments. While studying for an upcoming Spanish test in the study room, Troy and Abed brilliantly perform an improvised rap using random Spanish words. It might not have made much sense to the Spanish viewers out there, but it sounded great and gave us an iconic Community moment.

2 Troy And Abed In The Morning Feat. Jeff

Troy and Abed’s morning talk show “Troy And Abed In The Morning!” was unquestionably one of the series’ most beloved and funny running gags, but the series was never able to top the first appearance of the joke. Following the episode “The Science Of Illusion,” Jeff gets to Greendale early to film an episode of “Troy And Abed In The Morning!” but storms away furious with the duo when he realizes that there are no cameras and that the show is fake.

1 Cartoon Tunnel

Troy and Abed’s wacky antics have dominated the majority of this list, so it’s only fair that the iconic pair also land in the number one spot. In what is undoubtedly the funniest Community end tag, Abed tricks Troy into believing that he found a gateway to a cartoon world where animals can talk, your heart is shaped like a heart, and the smell of pie can make you float. Just before Troy attempts to join his best pal in the cartoon world, however, Abed reveals that it was all a cruel and heart-breaking prank.

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