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5 things to do when moving

Move – the word alone can strike fear in anyone’s heart. Regardless of the reason for moving there is immediately a ton of work in front of you for the foreseeable future. The best way to handle the stress of moving and make it manageable is to systematically knock out things from your must-do list.

  1. Determine where and when you will be moving. I know this seems like overkill but if these details are unknown they go to the top of the list. Are you renting, have you sold your current home and have to be out by a certain date? Have you bought a new home or rented an apartment? When will your new home be ready to move into? Get these issues figured out and then move backwards. Confirm that the dates you need to move are available to lock down the moving date needed. After reading the numerous reviews you will have a sense of comfort that loading and unloading details will be handled and focus on the rest.
  2. Now for the issue of the stuff! Get the dimensions and measurements of the new home/apartment and get out old fashioned graph paper, ruler, pencil and measuring tape to determine what to take. Don’t forget to account for windows and doorways. There is nothing more frustrating then going to the expense and trouble to move something and then find out it doesn’t fit in new space! Also having all big furniture pieces accounted for will make unloading so much easier for you and the movers. Have each piece of furniture taken to the predetermined specific room and you can then unpack the boxes as you go[lr1] . If you determine that certain pieces won’t fit try to sell or donate to minimize the stress. As much as you want your new sectional to fit you can’t always make it. Better to make peace with it on this side of the move. Selling unwanted items through Craigslist, yard sales and local consignment stores will help move the process along.
  3. Be ruthless especially if doing a long distance move. Keeping items that you don’t have room for or don’t even particularly like is going to be frustrating at the new home. Use this opportunity to clean out closet of clothes and shoes. Don’t keep paintings and accessories that you suspect won’t work in new space or décor. Oftentimes we don’t even really like some items and find they have even less appeal in new surroundings. Styles and tastes change – don’t be guilted into keeping something you don’t think will work just because you paid a lot of money for it a long time ago. Have a close friend or relative come over and help you declutter and eliminate pieces that won’t work in new space. As parents we often have saved too many childhood mementos but in realty many grown children don’t want these later. The trend for millennials is less stuff and more flexibility. Let everyone have a box or two for memories but now is the time to let go of every childhood art project. If you have a few you want to keep consider getting them matted and framed once arriving in new home to display.
  4. Get an estimate for packing and unpacking if time is an issue. Most people significantly underestimate the amount of time needed to pack up a home and find themselves in a time crunch on Moving Day! There are plenty of details that still must be managed in the move without having to pack and unpack items. Gathering boxes and supplies, labeling and properly packing is a full-time job along with finalizing buying and selling of properties. If you are working currently you may find yourselves unable to accomplish all of the details in the predetermined timeframe.
  5. Make arrangements to have new space cleaned before you arrive if it is unoccupied and have cleaners arranged to follow behind movers after furniture and boxes are loaded at your home. Having to put furniture and appliances in a new space that is dirty will put you over the edge and the effort of having to clean space before unloading items is next to impossible both from time constraint and energy level. Moving is both physically and emotionally exhausting so having as many items off of your list will make entire experience easier.

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