10 Coolest New York City Rooftop Bars To Visit

New York isn’t just a big city. It’s the big city, famous for the impressive skyline that came to symbolize the peak of American civilization in the modern era. Literature, music and art have been inspired by the lights of New York. Here are some of the best places to relax with a drink and take in that incredible view. These are classy, comfortable and coolest rooftop bars in various locations in the heart of the city.

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10 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar

Welcome to the biggest rooftop garden in New York, complete with a stellar view of the Empire State building along with the rest of the Manhatten skyline. Tables, chairs and other spaces outside are surrounded by hanging plants, blooming flowers and other greenery.

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The Penthouse Lounge, yet another part of this upscale venue, is fully enclosed for an extra bit of comfort and luxury.

9 La Birreria

A spacious bar and restaurant that recreates a classic European beer garden atmosphere in the heart of New York City. The venue changes depending on the time of year, becoming the Italian countryside restaurant Serra in the summer. Themes change seasonally with the menu and plant life, ranging from celebrations of spring to winter holidays. Something is always blooming in the rooftop garden regardless of the weather.

8 The Heights Rooftop Bar

This is the location with the famous glass floor if you’re in an adventurous mood. When you look up and around, the view is open and airy, above and away from the buildings as opposed to in the thick of them.

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Tourists visit for the architecture, and locals like the convenient location near work. The venue is cozy, relatively quiet and provides a great view from almost every angle.

7 The Met Roof Garden and Martini Bar

If you’re in New York, you’re going to the Met sooner or later anyway. Why not check out this unique rooftop bar at the same time? Enjoy views of Central Park, the downtown skyline and various art installations and sculpture while enjoying your drink or light meal. The venue is seasonal and the Martini Bar opens later in the afternoon, so you might want to call ahead.

6 SixtyFive – Rooftop Bar & Lounge

The Rainbow Room is one of New York City’s most notorious luxury venue and celebrity hotspot, and SixtyFive is their rooftop bar. The outdoor terrace has a great view of the Empire State Building, the Hudson River, and several other famous landmarks. That’s something locals and tourists appreciate. It’s best to reserve at this bustling location, which is popular for private events and people watching.

5 Spyglass

You’ve seen the Empire State Building. Now, how about a view from that building? Of course, there’s a rooftop bar at the Empire State Building. The venue still retains the decor, menu and atmosphere of New York in the 1950s.

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This is some of the most authentic Art Deco you’ll ever see. It’s a comfortable, upscale place to relax and relive the Golden Age of New York City.

4 Sky Room Bar

Dress to impress and be seen at this busy nightclub, which has weekly parties and other special events in addition to the amazing view. The Sky Room Bar, aka the NYC Skyline Lounge, is only open in the evening but stays open well into the morning hours. Neon lights and reflective surfaces give the dance floor a happy glow. Happy Hour, guest DJs and plenty of space to party both indoors and outdoors ensure this is both a popular and scenic venue.

3 Magic Hour Rooftop

The magic starts at 4 pm and goes well into the night. This is the largest rooftop lounge in New York, including both the ample indoor and outdoor spaces, and is designed to mimic an amusement park for adults. That means a mini-putt course and carousel seating, just to give two examples. The city lights look amazing in the evening, but if you want to see the daytime view they also serve Sunday brunch.

2 Bar 54 Rooftop Bar & Lounge

The glamourous Hyatt is where you can find the tallest rooftop bar in town, Bar 54. Enjoy a view that includes most of Lower Manhattan and several prominent landmarks.

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Stop by and indulge in light gourmet fare and craft cocktails while exploring one of the city’s most popular neighborhoods, or start your night on the town with a few drinks and an amazing view.

1 Salon de Ning

Merging casual and chic, Salon de Ning is a comfortable rooftop lounge and bar designed for relaxation. Plush seats and thick pillows line the chairs and sofas on the candlelit terraces. An interior bar connects the two outdoor spaces and serves an array of trendy and delicious cocktails. Gaze over the dramatic lights of Fifth Avenue anytime after 5 pm at Salon de Ning.

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