The top interiors colour trend of 2019, by Fearne Cotton

If there’s someone out there who knows a thing or two about colours and interiors, it’s Fearne Cotton. Aside from having a killer interior design career under her belt (and a Cosmopolitan UK cover) Fearne has also been appointed Dulux’s Colour of the Year Ambassador for 2019. Safe to say, she knows what she’s talking about.

So who better to ask about interiors colour trends? Whether you’re in the process of decorating a new place, or just feel like giving your home a little extra spring revamp, colour can make a world of difference to how your home looks and feels.

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For example, a recent study by the paint brand found that green (particularly mossy green), is the best colour to paint your room if you want to sleep, as it’s quite soothing and relaxing. Conversely, red is reportedly the least conducive colour to your precious shut eye, while yellow is most likely to make you feel exhausted. Interesting stuff, huh?

With that in mind, here are this year’s major colour trends to know, that also get a wellbeing tick of approval.

2019 Colour of the Year

While there are a handful of different interior trends to have on your radar right now, Fearne says that the colour set to define 2019 is ‘Spiced Honey’, a warm golden hue with deep caramel undertones:

interior colour trends 2019


“I’m planning on painting my bedroom ceiling possibly in that colour and maybe our downstairs bathroom,” explains Fearne. “It’s a really warming, inviting and calming colour, especially if you have it by a window, you get this beautiful bounce of the light off the paintwork, so it gives it a lot of depth and texture. It’s good for feeling optimistic.”

Fearne goes on to add that the broader colour palette for this year includes “more of those pastel colours mixed with earthy tones. It’s also about getting that contrast and having a sort of lightness about the home.”

How to add colour if you can’t paint your house (because #rentallife)

While painting a wall isn’t always possible – thanks to landlords – that’s not to say you have to miss out on having a bright, colourful home. Here are three other ways Fearne recommends incorporating different hues into your space:

  • Wall features. “You can buy inexpensive things like macramé wall hangings that give lovely texture to plain, flat walls. You can get beautiful ones with colour threads woven through, along with the more natural fibre ones for that kinds of boho look – I’ve got a lot of those at home.”

    • Cushion and throws. “A good way to test it out is by buying cushions, throws and and you can see how the colour makes you feel before committing to painting a wall.”
      • Plants. “House-plants are also a great way of bringing in colour too – it gives the space a really nice feel to it.”


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