New design trends in 2019: the SapienStone workstop

New design trends in 2019: the SapienStone workstop

The new design trends in the kitchen and bathroom in 2019 aim to maximise customisation of spaces.

Depending on the amount of space available, personal taste and practical requirements, spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom follow the design trends for 2019 with a series of new products and proposals experimenting with all the technical potential of the new materials to create a truly customised space.

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Giving free rein to creativity while always promoting comfort, the kitchen and bathroom design trends of 2019 aim to achieve personal wellness without any pre-established aesthetic rules. 

Styles vary from vintage to minimal, and materials from wood to marble, with effects ranging from the lived-in look to industrial and high-tech finishes: in all cases the kitchen and bathroom are spaces that make the most of contemporary design to create a unique, original personal style.


All thanks to materials such as new generation porcelain with a great visual and tactile impact on all surfaces, which can easily be combined with all kinds of furnishings and accessories and with a great variety of atmospheres, in both natural and artificial light.

The colours of kitchens and bathrooms in 2019 also follow these design trends in which, to quote a famous slogan, the only limit really is the imagination.

Kitchen countertops are one of the surfaces in which creativity has given rise to some of the most interesting products of contemporary design, as in the case of SapienStone porcelain.


The result of decades of experience of the Iris Ceramica Group, a world leader in the manufacture of ceramic materials, SapienStone reinvents the surfaces of today’s kitchens, for both residential and professional use (in restaurants and bars).

Made up of ceramic clays and colours that remain unaltered over the years, a SapienStone surface can be customised for use as a kitchen countertop or table-top (even for outdoor use), making it an exclusive decorating accessory as well as a surface that meets all the needs of daily food preparation.

The technical and aesthetic features of the porcelain made by all Iris Ceramica Group companies offer a guarantee of long-lasting coverings; the requirements for quality control in materials like Sapienstone which are intended for a specific form of domestic use are higher than average, requiring careful selection during the production cycle to allow only slabs of unrivalled beauty to be approved.
The result is porcelain kitchen countertops inspired by natural stones, cements and precious marbles, in a great variety of colours and textures capable of satisfying individual tastes, demands and styles in the kitchen.

SapienStone surfaces can also be used in the bathroom and even out of doors, where the performance offered by technical porcelain makes all the difference when it comes to strength, hygiene and easy maintenance. Sunlight, heat from hairdryers and ordinary solvents and cleaning products used in the bathroom have no effect on the performance of porcelain, the strongest and most beautiful of ceramic materials.


The textures in the SapienStone collections may be viewed at the brand’s new logistics hub in Verona. Inaugurated during the Open Days on the dates of the recent Cersaie International Exhibition of Ceramic Tiles and Bathroom Furnishings, SapienStone’s new hub in Verona offers visitors an opportunity to experience the excellence of porcelain and the twenty-one textures in the range firsthand.


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