Modern Design Ideas With Glass

From sliding glass doors and floor-to-ceiling glass partition walls to Crittall-style room dividers and extensions, glass ceilings, glass roofs and even glass flooring, there’s plenty of modern and contemporary inspiration when it comes to using glass in the home.

Using glass doors or even a wall of doors to connect to your garden is guaranteed to lend a real sense of drama to your abode, plus it’ll maximise natural light and provide uninterrupted views of just about anything you want to show off. A glass extension or floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors will also help blend the indoors and out.

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Wak-on glass flooring (also known as floor lights) helps to facilitate a flow of light between floor levels, making the most of the sunshine. Or let even more light in via a roof window or glass ceiling. A roof window can typically let in up to twice as much light as a conventional vertical window – this is because the glazing is angled directly towards the natural light source, with very little diffused or reflected light. If you have a bigger budget, a glass roof will bathe your home in daylight, brightening dark corners and expanding the feeling of space.

Prefer a vintage touch? Stained-glass windows create a colourful and striking display, while Crittall-style framing creates a more industrial vibe and never goes out of style.


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