lim + lu turns an abandoned apartment in hong kong into a peaceful oasis

lim + lu, the new york-based multidisciplinary design practice, reveals the transformation of a 1,200 square feet vacation-like haven that was previously abandoned for over 15 years in hong kong’s quarry bay neighborhood. the place’s previous owner, who lived in this apartment for most of his life, left hong kong over 15 years ago and left everything behind. when lim + lu visited the site last year, it seemed like time had stood still. everything had been kept exactly in its original place, reminiscent of a classic wong kar wai movie.

lim + lu turns an abandoned apartment in hong kong into a peaceful oasis designboom
untouched, chipped orange and green painted concrete beams are a major element of the apartment, adding a patina that cannot be replicated through modern processes

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the architects decided that the chipped concrete beams throughout the apartment were to remain untouched. the faded green and orange hue beams juxtapose with the new pristine white walls and complement the warm palette of oak and brass accents throughout the apartment.

open kitchen with a mixture of materials such as marble, wood, brass, and untouched concrete beams from the apartment’s abandoned past, mixing the old and the new



‘the idea that time could be used as part of the material palette was incredibly poetic’, says lim + lu co-founder vince lim, adding that the space contained a patina that could not be replicated with modern processes. located on the major artery of a densely populated area, the apartment has direct sightlines into all units and offices across the street. for this reason, lim + lu focused on creating internal views the owners could enjoy.

lim + lu turns an abandoned apartment in hong kong into a peaceful oasis designboom
dining/living area



the architects have brought elements of nature into the space, transforming this new home into a haven to escape from the fast-paced lifestyle of the hustle and bustle of hong kong. the view of offices and apartments across the street from the living room windows are replaced by a row of lush greenery. the aesthetic is clean, fresh, and sophisticated. pairing materials such as warm oak, woven wicker, and volcanic slate allows inhabitants and visitors to be transported to an island getaway.

master bedroom features a rattan headboard and brass reading lights


a muted green closet design adds a pop of color and sophistication to the guest bedroom


lim + lu turns an abandoned apartment in hong kong into a peaceful oasis designboom
grey marble, white wood, black metal and glass doors, along with brass accents, create a contemporary and calming master bathroom


the shower cabin


built-in shelving in the master shower area with grey marble.


guest bathroom detail with terrazzo, dark grey tiles, and brass accents


brass punch out that frames the view into the kitchen


the juxtaposition of the old and new at the apartment entrance


shoe storage with wood slat panels and a brass punch out to frame the view into the kitchen


project info:


architects: lim + lu

location: hong kong, china


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edited by: maria erman | designboom


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