Lance Bass Reveals His Dream Nursery for His Twins

Lance Bass is determined to make 2019 the best year yet. To start it off right, the former NSYNC member hosted Barefoot Wine & Bubbly’s New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square, and in the year to come, he’ll reportedly help HGTV host A Very Brady Renovation—a new series that will see the iconic The Brady Bunch house (which Bass famously lost out on buying in a bidding war) restored to its former glory— and launch a slew of entrepreneurial projects, including a music festival with Richard Branson. But, his biggest project of all is getting his Los Angeles home ready for babies. Bass recently revealed he and husband Michael Turchin are hoping to welcome twins in the new year via surrogacy—and the couple is so excited they’ve already started decorating the nursery. The 39-year-old opened up to AD ahead of his exciting New Year’s Eve gig to reveal the details of his dream nursery, which NSYNC member has the best design style, and what he would have done if he’d won the bid on the The Brady Bunch house.

Architectural Digest: First, how excited are you to host New Year’s Eve in Times Square?

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Lance Bass: I’m so excited! This will be my first time. I am such a sucker for that countdown. It’s the only time in the year that everyone celebrates it the same second together, and I think that is the coolest energy you could find. Plus, I love me some Barefoot bubbly.

AD: Do you have a secret Lance Bass cocktail recipe that you serve up at the holidays?

LB: I love a little prosecco because you can fix it in so many different ways. My go-to is adding a little strawberry basil.

AD: Yum! Well, how were your holidays? Do you get into the season?

LB: Yes! I go all out for Halloween and Christmas. My husband only allows me to get one new decoration a week leading up to the holidays. On October 1, I’m allowed to start preparing for Halloween, and November 1 I can start getting Christmas stuff. We collect Christmas ornaments wherever we go, and I go all out. It’s like Liberace decorated!

AD: Where do you go for your decorations?

LB: All over the place. You know, who has the best ones? Grocery stores. We found some of our favorite ones at a grocery store. They’re great, and it doesn’t cost that much.

AD: Good tip! Now that it’s 2019, do you have any resolutions?

LB: I never keep them because it’s always usually health-related. But, this year I’m changing it up. There are lots of companies I’ve always wanted to start, and I want to make them happen in 2019.

AD: Could interior designer be one of those businesses? I know you have a passion for flipping homes.

LB: We’re always flipping different places. We’d love to do one in Palm Springs because we love that place. It’s our Hamptons of the West Coast. I would love to find a really great place and turn it into a ’60s-’70s masterpiece. But right now we’re focused on our house because we have babies coming next year. So, we’re designing the nursery that we have to add on to the house. We were just looking at wallpaper today and already started buying things for the kids that aren’t even here yet.

AD: How exciting! What does your dream nursery look like?

LB: Well, my husband and I go back and forth. He’s an artist, so he wants it to be artsier. But I’m a huge Dr. Seuss fan and love anything creative and magical. I want something that the kids can dream about and use their imaginations. So, I think something with that theme along with some cool art pieces.

AD: Do you know if you’re having a boy or a girl?

LB: We don’t know yet. We’re hopefully going to be pregnant in the next couple of months. It’s been such a long process. We’ve gone through so many donors, but we just can’t find one that’s working. It will eventually happen, and we’re hopefully going to go for twins: a boy and girl.

AD: Will they share a room?

LB: Yes, they’ll definitely share a nursery. My husband is a twin—a boy-and-girl twin—and they shared a room until they were five or six.

AD: You mentioned you were looking at wallpaper. What did it look like?

LB: It’s has a famous bunny rabbit print by Hunt Slonem. He’s so good, and that’s what’s inspiring us right now for our kids’ bathroom.

AD: You clearly have the design down, but what about baby-proofing? How do you keep style and have a safe home for the kids?

LB: It’s very scary to think about what you have to go through to baby-proof the house, and it’s something that we know nothing about. But we have so many good friends that have been through this. One friend actually sent a 50-page list of everything we need for the nursery and all the ways to baby-proof everything. So we have the blueprints of what to do to the house.

AD: Overall, how would you describe your design style?

LB: I’m pretty modern, but I’m also from the South and grew up around the New Orleans area. So my ideal place would be to take one of those antebellum houses and make it very modern on the inside. I just think it’s so cool, that juxtaposition of old and new all within a house. You would have all that history, but you add the most incredible modern fixtures on the inside. I’d love to maybe turn it into a bed-and-breakfast.

AD: You seem to have a really good design sense. Do you think you have the best style out of the NSYNC band members?

LB: No doubt! I don’t think the other guys could do anything. I would definitely not trust Joey. Maybe JC would be good, but I don’t know his style exactly. He could be good at it.

AD: Now, you put a bid on the the Brady Bunch house, but lost out to HGTV in the end. If you had gotten it, what would you have done?

LB: I wanted to turn it exactly into the house of the TV show, which is hard to do because it doesn’t have the square footage that the TV show had. I would have added a second floor and really blown out the back. But I wanted to get it as close as possible to what we all grew up with and loved. Because I think I was going to turn it into an event space. I wanted people to come in and relive the Brady days.

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