How to Make Your Bedroom Feel like a Luxe Hotel

There’s a certain kind of serenity that can only be felt in a top-notch hotel room. Minimal decor, crisp white sheets, and a neutral color scheme all play a crucial role in morphing travel—something that’s generally stressful—into an actual vacation.

Odds are, your bedroom at home—back in the real world—doesn’t feel nearly as calm. But with the right tweaks, you can make your own space feel worthy of a staycation. Read on for eight ways to recreate the hotel vibe.

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Make Your Bed With High-Thread Count Sheets

Hotel Collection


Say goodbye to scratchy sheets and hello to a blissful night’s sleep. This soft supima cotton sheet set has a thread count that clocks in at 1,000, making for a truly luxe foundation for your bed. 


Invest In a Down Comforter

Hotel Collection


Adding a white goose down comforter to your bed visually transforms your space into the most classic hotel room. This medium weight option is the perfect bed cover for a cozy—but not too stuffy—slumber. 


Upgrade to a Hotel-Quality Mattress

Hotel Collection


Hotel beds are simply higher quality than the ones most of us have at home. Replace yours with this lush, ultra-firm mattress from the Macy’s Hotel Collection. Its copper-infused gel memory foam allows for better temperature control, giving you the most comfortable night’s sleep.


Sleep On Deluxe Pillows

Hotel Collection


Adding goose down pillows to your bed is the cherry on top of your new bedding situation. Cover them in silk pillow cases for an even more sumptuous feel.


Create Your Own Minibar

Hotel Collection


Another small luxury of every hotel room: the mini-bar. Using a side table or bar cart to house stemware, an ice bucket, and a bottle (or two) of nice wine. The best part? No additional room charges.


Buy Breakfast In Bed-Style Serveware

Hotel Collection


This two-tiered marble display and gorgeous pitcher are perfect for a room service-inspired breakfast. Make even your lazy weekend days feel more decadent by taking your freshly brewed coffee and breakfast back into bed, and enjoy a longer, pampered morning.


Invest in a Really Nice Robe

Hotel Collection


True or false: The first thing you do after checking in is throw on the hotel robe. Recreate the experience when you get home from work by investing in a super soft robe in a neutral color, like charcoal or white. To really recreate the hotel feel, keep leave it hanging on a nice wooden hanger on a hook in your bathroom.


Treat Yourself To a Silk Sleepmask

Hotel Collection


If you don’t have blackout curtains—and even if you do—pop on this silk eye mask, and lay back into a hotel-quality slumber.


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