Chic Ideas to Spruce up Your Powder Room

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Call it guest bathroom or Powder room (we prefer the latter) which are both names for that small half-bath (comprises of a toilet, sink and a mirror) that we have in our homes/apartments. The Powder room is one of the most important rooms in our homes (every guest must use it at some point when they visit) yet one we often forget to show some love to when it comes to décor.

It is a given that most Kenyan home owners don’t think too much about this room, so you will find boring powder rooms that are all similar with basic sinks, basic fixtures, basic tiles or paint. Basic and boring and random and annoying making it a little difficult to even think about decorating our powder rooms because what more can we possibly add to a space that just sucks the creativity out of you?

There’s a little hope though… If you have the resources to build your own home, don’t do basic, you could spare some attention for the powder room and give it some personality because truth be told, guests enjoy a good powder room and they kind of judge you if you have a beautiful home, yet your powder room is sub par.

Besides keeping your powder room fresh and clean, you can go the extra mile of giving it some life. Whether you like it simple and clean with the bare basics or whether you are into the modern, chic lifestyle of vessel sinks or console sinks and distinct hardware and fun mirrors, there is a variety of décor styles to choose from for your powder room.

Find some powder room inspiration below ( good luck  for when your guests refuse to leave your home!)


Colored tiles/ wall paper

Clean and Simple


TIP: If you really want a put-together powder room that shows off your impeccable taste, you should:

Match all your hardware. That is, if you decide to go with rose gold sink fixtures then the toilet paper roll holder, the toilet handle (yes, it’s possible) should also be rose gold. Trust me, it will make all the difference.


Statement piece

Black statement walls

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