8 Budget-Friendly Ways to Give Your Home A Luxe Upgrade

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Creating an upscale home doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of ways to add the look of luxury without having to spend a lot of money. These tips will allow you to modernize the home and let you spend your hard-earned cash on other things. Check out these eight budget-friendly ways to give your home a luxe upgrade this year.


Invest in Plants


One of the easiest ways to add life and color to a room is to invest in a mature houseplant. Adding luxurious houseplants to your homes interior can help bridge the gap between the outdoors and indoors. Plants also add variety to a room and purify the air. We recommend choosing a more rigid and structured botanical, like the Snake Plant, to achieve a luxurious look.

Less Is More

Remember that less is more when it comes to upgrading your home. A common thread of all upscale homes is the amount of empty space. Declutter your family room and keep out items that you use regularly. Store away the clutter for an ultra-modern look that doesn’t cost anything other than some sweat equity.


Add A Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting tired wood or metal furniture is a great way to achieve an upscale look. The transformation that can take place with a can of spray paint and some sandpaper is amazing. Consider painting anything in your home that’s starting to look worn and make sure to add a protective coat to keep it lasting for years.


Choose Monotone

Many modern homes feature a solid color scheme that usually includes black, white, tan, and an accent color. Create a dramatic look by choosing these neutral monotone colors for most of your decorating. Incorporating a fun accent color, like yellow, red, or teal can add interest and drama to a room as well.


Cover Old Furniture

There’s no reason to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on new furniture for a luxe look. Check out the wide variety of slipcovers available that can quickly cover up that old couch or chair. Slipcovers come in many different fabrics and colors and can help give your home that new look in minutes.


Upgrade Lighting



Upgrade the lighting within and around your home is a great way to add instant luxury. Not only will the lighting fixture be more modern, but it will also add to your overall décor. Make sure to install energy efficient light bulbs for more light and to save on the electric bill.

Go for Glass

Many modern homes feature glass accessories that showcase the beauty of ordinary things. Consider storing your flour and sugar in glass canisters on the kitchen counter. Store bathroom items like cotton balls and bar soap in glassware as well. Glass lighting fixtures are trending right now and they help create clean lines and a modern look.

Don’t Forget Windows

Make sure to extend your luxe upgrades to every inch of the room. Include window coverings, shades, or drapes in your budget for a brand new look. Adding a heavy and dark curtain can change the entire mood of a room. Sometimes all you need are a few valances. Covering windows also helps keep your home energy efficient which will lower your electric bill.

There are plenty of ways you can enhance the look of your home without spending much money. Consider these eight budget-friendly ways to give your home a luxe looking upgrade this year.

Author’s Bio: Meredith Hale is a gardening and landscape writer, and design addict. She has coordinated the design on many house flipping projects, admitting that her favorite part is creating inspired outdoor spaces.

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