5 design ideas to try before you die- The New Indian Express

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From easy updates to budget hacks, we bring you some creative ideas to spiff up your space  

Create a Black and White Gallery Wall
Gallery walls are ideal for filling a blank wall with art and photos. But if you worry it’ll look busy, sticking to a black and white palette helps keep it simple and minimalist. To ease into the monochromatic look, sprinkle in frames with wood or gold accents. You can also consider different shapes —-vertical, horizontal, square; include them all! Tip: Hang the lowest row first with the frames lined up at the bottom, then build up from there.

Glam Up a Powder Room
The powder room is the one small space in your home where you can incorporate high-impact design. This is your chance to mix bold patterns and metals without worrying if they will match the rest of your home. For the best part here is, they don’t have to! These are individual, standalone rooms where you can let yourself go bold with patterns, colours and materials.


Mix Old with the New
Interior decorators are always talking about the importance of balance and proportion. It applies to colour, shape, texture and style. Mixing modern items with antiques is a great way to achieve these decorating goals because this approach keeps a room fresh, adds contrast and depth, and ultimately creates balance. Also, it’s a wonderful way to showcase your individual style. For instance, pair an ornate console with a modern mirror on top, or vice versa. Put a contemporary chair against a vintage desk; an old dining table can be combined with modern chairs…truly, the possibilities are endless.

Wallpaper a Bookcase
Bookshelves are a wonderful thing to have, because who doesn’t need more storage, especially the kind that takes advantage of vertical space. However, they can result in a bit of visual chaos when you are displaying your knick-knacks along with your books. A great way of pulling a bookcase together visually, and also injecting a little style into your space, is by adding wallpaper to the back. Of course, the books and bric-a-brac add colour on their own, but the drama of a wallpaper backdrop takes your bookshelf to the very next level.

Add Greens to Your Bathroom
Indoor plants are beneficial in so many ways—not only are they a lovely visual addition to a space, but they also perform the dirty labour of cleaning toxins from the air. In addition to dotting them across your house, pay special attention to the bathroom. Plants generally thrive on the regular doses of moisture that come from your shower, and even if your bathroom is on the dark side, there are certain varieties that will do well here. These include spider plant, bamboo plant, aloe vera, cast iron plant and snake plant.