20 Home Decor Items To Get the Family Excited for Summer

There’s plenty of tips to surviving the summer with kids—from staying cool with ice and a fan to using frozen balloons in a cooler. But these decor ideas and finds are simply just for mom to enjoy the space. So what does a summer-decorated house look like? Well, every mom is different but we tried to get at the basics: bright colors, fruits like melons and berries, animals and the sea. It’d be impossible to actually bring those things into the home, but it is actually fairly easy to incorporate them, or hints of them, in every day items. For example, switching out a heavy, dark-colored wool blanket from the winter and replacing it with a thinner and airy one for warmer weather, or the appearance of such, can lighten up a room. Scents work too and there’s plenty of summer auras to chose from. Even not-thought-of decor items, like mirrors, seat cushions and welcome mats are great places to help the home emit those summery vibes. 

And it doesn’t have to be a complete flip a la Christmas. Little items can have a huge impact. At the end of the day, what’s important is to go for the style that matches the home, and the feelings of the person doing the decorating (hey, mama!)

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