Ray Donovan Recap, Season 6, Episode 10: ‘Baby’

Ray Donovan


Season 6

Episode 10

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Photo: Mark Schafer/Showtime

Everyone is apologizing on Ray Donovan this week. Ray says sorry to his father and brother for years of conflicts. Mac and Sam say sorry to Ray for recent betrayals. It’s been a long season and there’s a lot to apologize for, but it feels like it’s building to a violent, deadly climax when all the apologies in the world won’t matter for one of this season’s most essential new characters. There’s no way the Mac, the man who saved Ray’s life in the season premiere, can survive the year now that he’s kidnapped Bridget (and punched her in the face). Sorry, Mac. Your days are numbered.

At the end of last episode, Ray appeared to be the Donovan in trouble after he was ambushed by the season’s bad guys, but he escapes his imprisonment in the opening scene this week, leaping through a second story window and fleeing gunfire. The fact that the corrupt cops are shooting at Ray is interesting in that they’re no longer merely content with torture and abuse—they’re ready to kill him.


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