Our Digitized Audio Future – TvTechnology

Audio technology has changed faces many times during the decades I’ve been in the industry. However, the biggest change by far was the transition from analog to digital, and once audio was turned into bits and bytes it enabled us to do things that seemed inconceivable in the past. Not only do we no longer record linearly, most of us no longer do anything in a linear fashion, with random access now being the way we record, work, and live our lives.

We’re currently undergoing another monumental transition in the audio industry, when audio technology can enhance user experience and drive quality forward or increase individual isolation, with instantaneous delivery often done at the expense of quality. The following technologies are all linchpins in our audio future and how we use or abuse them will determine the course of professional broadcast audio production.

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Most discussions of artificial intelligence seem to focus on robots taking jobs from humans while also performing all of our mundane household chores, leaving us simultaneously unemployed and free to get in some really serious binge watching. AI already has the ability to analyze and learn from itself, a process called “machine learning,” and this has helped create some powerful tools for audio production.


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