Electronics Deals – November 8, 2018: Pioneer, NVIDIA & More

Today, Amazon is discounting another receiver, this time from Pioneer. The Pioneer Elite Audio & Video Component Receiver is discounted by around 50-percent, bringing the price down to just $399. That is a really impressive price for this receiver, especially considering everything that it offers. It has DTS:X for audio, and also Dolby Vision and HDR10 passthrough for Video. It is essentially the glue that is going to hold your entertainment center together and provide some pretty incredible video and audio for your setup. There’s no Dolby Atmos support here, which is definitely unfortunate, but it is still a really good option for a lot of people, since there is DTS:X. This is part of Amazon’s Gold Box Deal of the Day, so that this will only be discounted today and will go back to its regular price after midnight PST tonight. So you’ll want to get your hands on one before the day is over.

Also on sale today is the NVIDIA SHIELD TV. Now it did drop to this price yesterday, but then went back to its regular price. Now it is back to $139, which is a really good price for the SHIELD TV. It brings it back to an all-time low price, which was last seen on Prime Day back in July and that was only for a lightning deal that lasted around six hours. So if you were looking to get your hands on the NVIDIA SHIELD TV at a discounted rate, this is definitely the time to do so. The SHIELD TV is an Android TV set-top box, so all of your favorite Android apps and games are available here. That includes Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, Sling TV and so much more. This is going to allow you to watch all of your favorite movies and TV shows without needing to pay for cable. Allowing you to really cut that cord from your cable company. Additionally, the SHIELD TV works as a gaming console. And while the model that is on sale today does not come with the controller, you can buy that separately. But there are a ton of titles that work on SHIELD TV, and not to mention the fact that you can stream games from GeFORCE NOW onto your SHIELD TV from Steam. So this is a really great set-top box, especially for just $139.

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All of the deals listed below are accurate for today, and will expire at midnight PST on their expiration date. But keep in mind that some of these deals may end before then, if stock runs low or simply runs out. It’s also important to note that Amazon and other retailers, tend to fluctuate their prices. Whether that is to price match other retailers or to undercut the competition. There are some really good deals down below, and you’ll want to pick these up before they are gone. You can check out Amazon’s latest lightning deals (which are only available for a few hours) right here, there’s plenty to take advantage of today.


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