Best A/V Receiver to Use with Apple TV 4K

The Sony STR-DN1080 is the perfect companion for your Apple TV 4K, delivering wonderful sound that simply immerses you. Featuring support for 4K, HDR10, and Dolby Vision, this receiver is also ready for the near future thanks to its support for Dolby Atmos, something that’s coming to your Apple TV 4K with tvOS 12.

Our Pick

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Sony STR-DN1080

The best audio receiver for most people.

The Sony STR-DN1080 delivers powerful sound, including Dolby Atmos support for a more immersive movie and TV experience. Complete with support for 4K HDR and Dolby Vision, it’s a perfect companion to your Apple TV 4K.

Who should buy this audio receiver

This is worth a purchase if you have a surround sound system — or are planning on getting one — that you want to use with your Apple TV 4K. If your system is Dolby Atmos-capable, the STR-DN1080 is ready for that, which is good news, because the Apple TV 4K will support Atmos very soon. For those of you who might want to play music from your iPhone or iPad through your surround sound system, this receiver supports AirPlay, letting you stream it to your system wirelessly.

Is it a good time to buy this receiver?

Yes and no. Yes because A/V receivers tend to hold up, and people keep them for years. That being said, it’s been a little while since Sony released a new receiver in this price range, and many seem to expect a followup product at some point this year.

Reasons to buy

  • Great sound
  • Easy setup
  • Supports Dolby Atmos
  • Supports Direct Stream Digital (DSD)
  • Supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision
  • Easy setup

Reasons not to buy

  • Lackluster remote
  • Still on the pricey side for some

The perfect counterpart to your Apple TV 4K that doesn’t break the bank

The STR-DN1080 supports everything that makes the Apple TV 4K great like 4K video at 60Hz, HDR10, and Dolby Vision. With tvOS 12’s upcoming support for Dolby Atmos, it’s ready to deliver immersive sound on the library of iTunes titles that will be automatically updated when support arrives soon.

Sony’s offering supports up to 7.2 channels of surround sound, enough for anyone to build a decent system. If you’re building a home theater around Atmos, the STR-DN1080 is ready to help change the way you hear movies. Atmos is a 3D audio format that brings all of the details in the soundscape of your movie to life, from a tiny tremor to massive explosions which, rather than overpowering you, pulls you into the experience even more. Atmos makes your movie’s audio more life-like.

If you’re building a home theater around Atmos, the STR-DN1080 is ready to help change the way you hear movies.

If you use your Apple TV 4K alongside, for instance, a 4K game console, the STR-DN1080 is even better. It’s got a plethora of ports to connect to all of your boxes and offer up its impressive audio for your races through the English countryside or intergalactic fights with alien threats.

If you’ve got a great sound system and want to use it to listen to your music from Apple Music or Spotify, the receiver’s built-in AirPlay support will help you do just that. Additionally, it also features built-in Chromecast capabilities if that’s how you prefer to stream audio.

The Sony STR-DN1080 isn’t the only receiver with these features. There are receivers out there that are technically more capable, ready for the setups of the most exacting customers. But the reason that the STR-DN1080 is the best is that it offers all of the features you’re looking for (high dynamic range support, Dolby Atmos, a ludicrous number of ports) and reliability at a price within reach for many people building a home theater. The STR-DN1080 is the centerpiece that you want in your home theater.

Alternatives to the Sony STR-DN1080

While we think the Sony STR-DN1080 is the top choice, there are other great options available. Our alternatives here also support Dolby Atmos, as well as HDR10, Dolby Vision, and AirPlay. Maybe they’re lacking on ports or power, but they’re still great alternatives, especially if the STR-DN1080 is out of your price range.


Denon AVR-S730H

Fewer inputs, but comes with Amazon Echo support.

A great selection, that, while not quite on the same level as the STR-DN1080, is still in the same ballpark.

The Denon AVR-S730H doesn’t offer quite the same sound quality as the STR-DN1080, or the same number of ports, but it’s about $150 less expensive and works with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant to play your music if you connect it to an Amazon Echo.

Value pick

Onkyo TX-NR575

Dolby Atmos support in a more affordable package.

Again, the Onkyo doesn’t match Sony’s receiver in terms of quality, but it’s an excellent pick if you’re just getting started on your home theater.

If you need support for Dolby Atmos, but the Sony or Denon options are out of reach, consider Onkyo. It’s sound quality might not be on par with our other picks, but it’s more affordable while still providing a great experience.

Bottom line

With the arrival of Dolby Atmos on the Apple TV, you’ll want the Sony STR-DN1080 in your setup so you can experience full audio immersion into your favorite movies. Sony’s receiver offers excellent sound quality for both movies and music, and will take your experience with the Apple TV 4K to the next level.

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