49ers sold two seats in their draft room for $22K, will donate the money to charity

The draft room is maybe the most intriguing thing in the NFL. It’s where each of the league’s 32 franchises makes decisions that will affect their future for years to come; and they’re all doing it in a compressed time frame, and simultaneously. Every year, we see clips of the draft room on TV, or on official team websites, but mostly what we see is team’s celebrating their picks, calling players to let them know they’ve been selected, or video of them working the phones but without the crucial audio component. 

But what if you could have a different draft room experience? What if you could be there LIVE to witness everything as it goes down. That’s what the San Francisco 49ers offered fans in an auction this week. Two seats to the draft room. And they sold for $22,000. 

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Honestly, this is pretty awesome. I’m very jealous of the lucky fans who A. had the $22,000 to spare to pay for the tickets in the draft room; and B. get to spend the day in there and see what really goes down as the Niners do their business. And the fact that the money will go to the 49ers’ foundation is pretty cool, as well. Nice work.


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